A Review of Our Strongest Whiteboard Magnets

Katie Gauthier

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Whiteboard Magnet Accessories
Here, we've compiled a brief list of the strongest whiteboard magnets offered at mywhiteboards.com. They can be used to hold up thick reports or any other heavy items on a regular office whiteboard.

Sometimes, a neatly stacked and stapled visual is the best tool for the job. And those little strip magnets are not going to cut it when adding them to your whiteboard display. What you need is the strongest whiteboard magnets available.

People with big reports need big magnets!

Most reports these days are neatly organized into the company cloud. But there are still circumstances where printing is required. Especially if you need to bring your documents with you to another room, or if you are quickly presenting in a space with no projector screen, or if you’re on a business trip and tangible visuals are the tool of choice (quite honestly the safest choice if technology decides to misbehave.) So in an effort to provide fellow paper-people with a little insight, here is an honest review of the strongest whiteboard magnets we offer that are also totable and affordable.

Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium magnets are the strongest magnets on the market. Depending on where you look, they can be expensive and uncoated. It was found that neodymium magnets are prone to breaking apart if they are not coated with a hard substance like plastic. This list will include the top 3 neodymium magnets at mywhiteboards.com and their holding strength in kilograms.

Whiteboard Magnet Accessories

Push Pin Magnet

First, we have the lightweight pushpin magnets. Each individual magnet is $0.71 and less than a cubed inch in volume, (a bit smaller than a dime.) They come in several different colors. When you have more than 1, you can stick them together like this, which makes them easy to organize. Each push pin magnet holds 6 pieces of paper which equals about .11 kg.


Rectangular Ceramic Magnet

The runner up is the rectangular neodymium ceramic magnet. It’s about 2” long and is definitely the heaviest magnet in this review. So it could probably also be used as a paper weight on a magnetic dry erase table- the ones that some classrooms have. Each rectangular ceramic magnet can hold 24 sheets of paper which is the same as .44 kg.

Glass Board Button Magnet

Finally, the fan favorite magnet is the glass board button magnet. It is lightweight, neodymium with a plastic coating and in a circular minimalist shape. This magnet was made for glass whiteboards which are typically not as strong in magnetic receptivity as regular magnetic whiteboards. The hold is strikingly strong, so much that caution must be taken not to pinch yourself when placing and removing them. They have a simple shape and come in several colors. They are strong enough to hold 27 pieces of paper which equates to .49 kg.

Dry Erase Magnets

Now, you can rest assured that your 27 page report will stay suspended on your whiteboard, without fear of finding it all over the floor when you get in the next day. In any case, magnets are a great way to display things that you’d otherwise forget about. If you wanted to learn more about how you can use whiteboards to keep yourself on track, head over here, for tips, diagrams, and some Monday motivation.

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