What Can You Do With Magnetic Whiteboard Walls?

Katie Gauthier

Katie is a social media guru at OptiMA, Inc. We’re a women-owned US-based manufacturer specializing in dry erase products that encourage communication and collaboration. Visit us at OptiMAcompanies.com.

Dry Erase Wallpaper
Magnetic whiteboard walls offer endless possibilities to brainstorm, explore, express and create! A high magnetic strength dry erase wallpaper made to erase without ghosting or staining is the medium of choice for schools, parents, and business leaders. Here is a compilation of magnetic dry erase wall ideas!

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Kindergarten, Day Care and Playrooms

Dry Erase Wallpaper


Sensory walls

Dry Erase Wallpaper


Magnetic whiteboard walls can prepare young children for advanced learning. Whether they know it or not, this marble shoot allows children to experiment with physics.

Magnetic Wallpaper

Children take in information visually, kinesthetically, aurally, and many other ways. Libraries, schools, museums and other learning centers can use magnetic dry erase walls to demonstrate virtually any academic topic, like science, math, writing or music.


Busy Board


Higher Education and Research

Magnetic Dry Erase walls are for learners of all ages. They are the perfect tool for strategizing, brainstorming, and executing final projects. Bryant University’s Academic Innovation Center and Boston University’s BUild Lab feature magnetic whiteboard walls that allow students to innovate without boundaries.

Dry Erase Wallpaper

Businesses Large and Small

Business leaders love magnetic whiteboard walls because they have a direct and positive impact on team collaboration and innovation. A transformational study performed at the University of California published by the IEEE confirms that 80% of cognitive processes in software designers made use of whiteboard sketches proving that whiteboards are a “rich medium” for design thinking.

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Manufacturing and Operations

In an agile or lean system work place, it’s important to add value and trim the waste. Project Managers invest in magnetic whiteboard walls, especially those that are durable and easily erasable. They act as visual reminders that are hard to ignore when you pass by. Visual reminders are 20% better than auditory reminders for memorization. That’s why tracking successes on an analogue display (like whiteboard walls) helps keep the goal top of mind.

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If you want to learn how you can get magnetic whiteboard walls at your business or organization visit our Magnetic Wallpaper Selection here. Or if you already know what you need or have questions, our dry erase wallpaper experts are eager to help you out! Just call 866–366–1500.

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