Why You Shouldn’t Ditch Your Whiteboard

Katie Gauthier

Katie is a social media guru at OptiMA, Inc. We’re a women-owned US-based manufacturer specializing in dry erase products that encourage communication and collaboration. Visit us at OptiMAcompanies.com.

Porcelain Whiteboard
A real life example of how a whiteboard can help maximize your time and achieve your goals by providing a visual reminder.

My coworker is a Facilities and Event Manager. He is not only responsible for the appearance and cleanliness of the office building, but also the influx of new furniture, the logistics and set-up of events and the seamless shift changes throughout the day and night. What does this mean? This means he is keeping track of tens of schedules. So when I visited his office one day and noticed a large whiteboard filled with grids, diagrams, magnets, papers and more, I asked naively, “why do you still use a whiteboard?” And he told me he would never get anything done if his to-do list was “buried in the IoT.”

Porcelain Whiteboard

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The Whiteboard Is a Visual Reminder

Magnetic Porcelain Whiteboard

Necessary Whiteboard Accessories

Whiteboard Accessories

Some of the accessories that my coworker was using to organize his whiteboard were worth showing. This is a magnetic marker ring that allows you to stick a marker anywhere to a magnetic whiteboard.


Whiteboard Magnets

This one is a “Do Not Erase” magnet that is a must-have if you have any open concept work spaces, like the conference room.

Colored magnets make it so easy to highlight the critical tasks.

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Gaining Control Over Your Time

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