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      OptiMA Dry Erase companies have been serving hospitals, doctor’s offices, veterinarians, pharmacies and clinics for over 34 years. That’s 34 years of improving our products to meet the needs of our healthcare customers, like a wide selection of whiteboard sizes, endless designs and innovative accessories. 


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Designed for Clean and Comfortable Environments

We specialize in dry erase products tailor-made for sterile but comforting environments. When a patient’s well-being is at the forefront of your health-care practice, you need a product that is proven to boost patient and caretaker communication, increase patient comfort and withstand heavy sterilization without sacrificing a smooth and long-lasting writing surface. 



Custom handheld lapboards are proven to aid in patient comfort and improve communication between caretaker and patient.

Hospital Whiteboard

Chemical Resistant

Prism-Lock™ custom magnetic aluminum whiteboards are coated with a seamless writing surface that can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals, like bleach and ammonia, while protecting the high resolution designs from fading.

Hospital Whiteboard


No matter what type of care you provide, whether it be vision, dental or physical health, there’s no limit to what we can print on your boards, from nursing schedules to patient bedside boards.

Hospital Whiteboard

Comforting Environments

Studies confirm that scenes of nature are attributed to lower pain levels and decreased blood pressure. Create the perfect environment for healing.

Hospital Whiteboard

Endless Healthcare Whiteboard Selection

By working with thousands of healthcare organizations across North America, we’ve been able to refine our products and visuals to deliver a wide selection of whiteboards for every facet of the healthcare industry. MyWhiteboards, an OptiMA Inc. brand, has crafted and printed everything from Obstetrics diagram whiteboards  to ICU bedside whiteboards.  Anything can be added, removed or changed to the whiteboard prints featured here. With the help of our experienced graphic design team, we can simply add your logo and branding, redesign an outline, or design an entirely new visual from scratch to meet your requirements.


Nature Scenes Accelerate Healing

Ellen Vincent, a researcher at Clemson’s School of Agricultural, Forest and Environmental Sciences conducted a study that confirms “Nature images … result in less pain and lower diastolic blood pressure,” she said. “And if people feel better, they may heal faster.”

Hospital Whiteboard

Hospital Whiteboard

Proven Success in Health Care

Multiple scholarly studies have proven the use of whiteboards in health care settings to significantly increase patients overall satisfaction with care. One study confirmed that the use of whiteboards in delivery rooms was associated with increased patient satisfaction of 12% and higher postpartum care visit attendance rate of 14.4%. Take a look at this whiteboard print specifically made for the delivery room and postpartum care.


Hospital Whiteboard Patient Chart Whiteboard Hospital


Communication is Everything

Whiteboards are critical in environments where communication is extremely important, like the emergency or operating room.

Operating room whiteboard

Custom Patient Dry Erase Boards


These bedside custom dry erase boards give patients the space to express themselves when treatment such as intubation, inhibits communication. With our premium Prism-Lock™ dry erase board option, you can rely on a board that will resist harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia. Prism-Lock™ boards put safety first by offering a permanent installation for high security patient and care facilities.

Hospital Whiteboard

Hospital Staff and Administration Dry Erase Boards

Keeping tabs on tasks and team members is hard, even with management software. Visual reminders in high traffic rooms and corridors are proven to help you and your team stay on the same page. Track things like room assignments, therapy schedules, medical supply inventory, day-to-day clinician task rotations and more. Possibly, one of the most important indicators to keep your eye on is clinic traffic flow, so you can understand the busy times and take precautions against contagious viruses.

Hospital Whiteboard

Not unlike a local business, clinics, physicians, and other health care offices need to build credibility. With an incident command board, you can measure the quality and performance of your health care organization, thus building trust and aiding in patient registration.
Hospital Whiteboard


Urgent Care Whiteboard
Hospital Patient Whiteboard
Hospital Whiteboard
Hospital Maternity Whiteboard
Hospital Whiteboard
TQM Hospital Whiteboard
Hospital Patient Whiteboard
Hospital Patient Whiteboard

With over three decades serving hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and hundreds of other health care practices with the best customizable dry erase products, we are well-equipped to work with you. Don’t hesitate to call us with questions, concerns or special requests! We’re determined to exceed your expectations.

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