How to Resurface an Old Whiteboard

Katie Gauthier

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Learn how easy it is to fix up an old blackboard or worn out whiteboard by resurfacing without having to buy a new one. MyWhiteboards offers a variety of industrial quality resurfacing options for the classroom or conference room whiteboard. 

What is Whiteboard Resurfacing?

Dry erase resurfacing is the process of applying or installing a new surface onto an old whiteboard. Simply applying a dry erase surface covering or dry erase panel to a board is much more affordable than purchasing a brand new one. Resurfacing saves you the money and the time you would’ve needed to install it all over again.  The image below shows just how quickly and easily the resurfacing process is. Whether you need a flexible wallpaper roll or a sturdy magnetic panel board, we have it all, and it won’t break the bank. We are determined to help you find a dry erase resurfacing solution that fits within your budget and meets all of your needs. 

Resurfacing Whiteboard

Wide Selection of Resurfacing Options

You can resurface just about any smooth non-porous surface, from painted walls to blackboards. The most popular types of resurfacing substrates are blackboards and whiteboards.  For a permanent resurfacing solution, we recommend the permanent Opti-Rite® MSA Peel-n-Stick Dry Erase Wallpaper, or the peel-n-stick, bendable whiteboard panel.  For a removable resurfacing solution, (so that you can still use existing surface underneath,) we would recommend a glossy, custom cut dry erase magnet sheet, or a Retro-Fit Magnetic Whiteboard Replacement Panel that can be used and stored- and used again.

For any resurfacing project, our number one choice is our collection of peel-n-stick Opti-Rite® Dry Erase Wallpaper. This dry erase resurfacing solution has the easiest installation and the smoothest writing surface.  We are here to help you choose from our wide selection of sizes and specifications.

Whiteboard Resurfacing

If we don’t answer your  resurfacing questions in this blog, we are here from 8-6PM ET to walk you through the process.

Shop Resurfacing Options

MagneticEasy InstallationGlossyCustom CutFlexiblePeel-n-StickPermanentScratch Resistant50 Year Warranty
Opti-Rite® Peel-n-Stick Dry Erase Wallpaper✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Peel-n-Stick Magnetic Dry Erase Skins✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Retro-Fit Magnetic Whiteboard Replacement Panels✔️✔️✔️✔️
Dry Erase Magnet Roll✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ 


Roll up Dry Erase Magnet Sheet

OptiMA™ large, roll up dry erase magnetic sheets give you the opportunity to put a dry erase writing surface on any existing magnetic surface.  The bright white surface is coated with our own exclusive clear dry erase writing surface. It can be removed and rolled up for easy storage or transport.  Each Roll Up Dry Erase Magnet Sheet comes with one of our Opti-Wipe™ microfiber wipers, a black chisel tip dry erase marker and a magnetic marker clip.


Whiteboard Resurfacing OptionWhiteboard Resurfacing Options

Shop Opti-Rite Peel-n-stick Options

Retrofit Magnetic Whiteboard Replacement Panels

These are fully framed magnetic skins on a 1/4″ hardboard substrate. Retrofit panels are made of white, porcelain steel, magnetic dry erase boards that are custom made to fit over your existing boards utilizing your existing frames and eliminating the need of removing old boards. This is a big plus especially in older buildings where you could run the risk of asbestos behind existing boards.

Whiteboard Replacement Whiteboard Resurfacing

Peel-n-Stick Magnetic Dry Erase Skins

The Peel-n-stick Dry Erase Skins are magnetic, frameless, slightly bendable and have a super strong permanent adhesive backing. These panels are scratch resistant and include a 50 year surface warranty. We’ll cut your Dry Erase Skin to fit perfectly on your existing whiteboard or blackboard.

Peel-n-Stick Whiteboard ResurfacingResurfacing Options

The Favorite: Opti-Rite® Dry Erase Wallpaper

With such a quick and easy application and a scratch resistant writing surface that lasts 20,000 wipes, it’s no wonder why Opti-Rite® Dry Erase Wallpaper is the superior resurfacing solution.  MyWhiteboards has guided customers through hundreds of thousands of installations.

Our peel-n-stick Dry Erase Wallpaper Skin is a quick and easy application that can take less than 5 minutes when directions are followed. It is easily cut with a blade to fit flush with your old whiteboard or blackboard’s frame. The self-adhesive backing is permanent if applied on a clean, non-porous substrate in room temperature environment, the adhesive will hold the dry erase surface in place indefinitely. You can strip it from the wall, but damage to the substrate may occur.  Choose from 3 different peel-n-stick Opti-Rite® resurfacing options, clear, glossy white, or glossy white magnetic .

Looking for something removable? Check out the Dry Erase Magnet Roll or the Retro-Fit Magnetic Whiteboard Replacement Panels, both glossy, magnetic and easy to install.

Opti-Rite Dry Erase Resurfacing Option

Shop Opti-Rite Peel-n-stick Options

Why Choose OptiMA?

We are a woman-owned small business making our products in the USA. We specialize in dry erase boards, dry erase wallcoverings, portable dry erase units, high-quality custom printed whiteboards, fast shipping, and five-star customer service. Over the last three decades, we’ve worked hard to deliver industrial quality whiteboard solutions that won’t break customers’ budgets.

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