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Whiteboard Accessories Marker Tray
Atlas® and Magtray® Dry Erase Marker Trays are engineered for form and function. These trays are a favorite when it comes to outfitting schools, office buildings and doctor’s offices. Their simple, safe and sleek design make them the best option for your next project. 

The Atlas® Tray and the Magtray® are both made in the USA, molded from heavy gauge aluminum and polished to perfection. Using screws and the existing wall studs, Atlas® Trays provide a permanent installation for developing and renovating large office spaces, classrooms and conference rooms. Magtrays® have a highly receptive magnet strip backing that offers a quick and removable application to any magnetic surface, like the fridge or a personal office whiteboard. While both trays are made to last, you can discover the similarities and differences in the table below. 

Check out the table to discover our marker tray options. 

Marker Tray Options
Atlas® TrayMagtray®
Popular UsesOutfitting conference rooms or office buildingsAdding to any steel surface, magnetic whiteboard, fridge, blackboard and more
InstallationScrews into wall (hardware not included)Atlas® Tray Kit (hardware included)Magnetic
Size Range18”Custom Lengths from 1-16’18” or 36”Weight Tolerance18”36”48”
65.7lbs68 lbs72 lbs
Corner TypeSquare, AngledAngledAngled
Color OptionsAluminumAluminum, White, Black



Atlas® Marker Trays

Available in custom cut lengths as small as 18” and as large as 16′, Atlas® Trays are installed into the studs with screws and an electric screwdriver.  These extra long, raw aluminum trays are a favorite among construction companies, developers and other contractors. To maintain fast shipping, our 16’ Atlas® Trays ship in 2 pieces. You can choose from angled or square corners. The smooth angle cut corner removes any sharp corners from the tray for high safety environments. Atlas® aluminum marker trays are made in the USA to order but still typically ship in as little as 2-5 working days. 

Whiteboard Accessories Marker Tray

Hardware Kit

Atlas® Trays are made of one continuous piece of anodized aluminum without any pre-drilled holes allowing you to custom fit the tray to your existing studs. The installation hardware kit offers a fast installation and comes with screw caps to maintain the sleek style. Please email us to place an order for a hardware kit. 

Email Us to order a Hardware Kit

 Atlas Marker Trays have smoothed angled corners for increased safety. The width of the tray is about 2 inches and the thickness of the metal is a little over 1 millimeter. These anodized aluminum trays are lightweight but extremely durable. Check out the dimensions here to perfect the installation. 


  • Heavy Gauge Aluminum
  • Smooth Angled Corner ensure NO sharp edges
  • Upper Back Panel Can Be Drilled Through For Permanent Installation With Wall Anchors And Wall Screws.
  • Installation Hardware Is Not Included unless you get the Atlas® Tray kit.  Or purchase a hardware installation kit separately by emailing us here. 
  • Custom Lengths Available Through Customer Service. 18″ Is The Shortest Length Available.
  • Lead-Time Is 2-5 Business Days Shipping From Shrewsbury, MA
  • Made In The USA

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Magtray® Marker Trays

Each Magtray® magnetic marker tray has a strong magnetic strip on the back that will stick to any magnetic dry erase board or any metal surface. These versatile magnetic marker trays are made with a heavy duty aluminum and available in three sizes, 18”, 36” and 48”.  Every size has smooth angle-cut ends for added safety and style. You can choose from either a gloss white coat, flat black powder coat or natural aluminum finish. Magtray® magnetic marker trays are Made in the U.S.A. from start to finish. Each tray is sold individually and can be shipped by UPS. If you’ve got thick reports, heavy office supplies or just a lot of markers, your magnetic tray will not fall. The largest tray (48” long) can hold 72 lbs.  

If you’re looking for an ultra strong magnetic marker tray for a glass board?  Check out our special Glass Board Marker Trays


MagTray Whiteboard Accessories

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Need a sample? 

We can provide you with a 4.75″ sample of our heavy gauge aluminum marker trays with one square corner and one smooth angled corner. You’ll be able to feel the the lightweight but heavy duty quality that both the Magtray® and Atlas® Tray provide. Don’t hesitate to put in order for a free sample by calling us at 866-366-1500. Or email

Whiteboard Accessories
Email Us for a Free Sample

Or Call for a Free Sample

We Are a Trusted Dry Erase Product Supplier

Atlas® and Magtray® Marker Trays are a brand of OptiMa Inc., a dry erase product supplier who has served the market for over three decades. We are dedicated to building high quality whiteboard products with simple and durable materials that are engineered to last. Our product knowledge experts have years of experience guiding customers through product selection. 



Atlas® Tray

★★★★★ Exactly What I Wanted


The marker/eraser tray is deep enough to allow the erasers to seat completely, with no overhang (a real plus). It is a sturdy extrusion ( no folds), and will last for many years



★★★★★Great addition to my classroom


I have wall length magnetic whiteboards in my classroom and this is a perfect addition. It’ll also help me to use big books on my magnetic easel.


Looking for a dry erase marker tray even smaller than 18”? Check out our magnetic 5” Mini Marker Tray. It’s made in the USA and molded out of the same high quality aluminum. It can fit 3 chisel tip dry erase markers and sticks to any magnetic receptive surface like a fridge, metal work bench, whiteboard or blackboard. 

Whiteboard Accessories Whiteboard Accessories


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