Practicing Art Therapy on a Handheld Whiteboard

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This whiteboard fast motion scribe explains art therapy, its benefits and why a whiteboard or piece of paper is best to practice art therapy. Sixty percent of art therapy users are children and anxious people benefit more from practicing on a blank canvas rather than a coloring book.

Art Therapy for Kids and Adults

Art therapy is beneficial for both adults and kids.  Regular therapy involves verbal communication and expression, while art therapy involves visual communication and expression. It can be hard to find the right words to express your emotions, especially when trauma is involved. But expressing how you feel is crucial for feeling understood, validated and a sense of belonging.

An art therapist simply asks: “what do your feelings look like?” The next step is to draw connections between the drawing and what the patient thinks and feels.  Anyone can practice art therapy with the right tools.

Cindy Harjatanaya, co-founder of Art Therapy Jakarta, says that there are a few misconceptions about Art Therapy. One of them is that use of adult coloring books is a form of therapy. While it’s true that mindless doodling can be beneficial in letting your subconscious mind run free,  the goal of art therapy is to discover and get closer to the cause of your mental health struggles so that you can begin to heal. Coloring inside pre-drawn lines does not offer the freedom that a whiteboard or piece of paper provides.

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Benefits of a Handheld Whiteboard or Lapboard

For children, a hand help whiteboard or lapboard can be extremely beneficial. Drawing with a dry erase marker offers haptic feedback needed for focus. The ability to wipe it away clean is not only great for keeping organized but great for learning how to let go, reducing anxiety and depression. The National Library of Medicine found that art therapy produced a statistically significant positive effect on negative symptoms like depression. 

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Check out our whiteboard scribe on Art Therapy and its benefits here. Information sources come from Art Therapy Jakarta, Cindy Harjatanaya, and the National Library of Medicine.

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