Custom Whiteboards: Turning Ideas into Reality

Katie Gauthier

Katie is a social media guru at OptiMA, Inc. We’re a women-owned US-based manufacturer specializing in dry erase products that encourage communication and collaboration. Visit us at

Customizable Dry Erase Board
Printed Dry Erase, an OptiMA Companies brand, can turn your sketches, ideas and spreadsheets into a captivating whiteboard design, in sizes up to 12’ long. All you have to do is sketch it out and send it to us. Check out the work our whiteboard designers created based on sketches done by real customers. 

If You Can Think it, We Can Do it

Measuring success is key to the improvement of your company or organization. And documents, sheets or files might not be sufficient for your team. Unlike your files hidden deep in the cloud or drive, your custom whiteboard is a sign that you pass by, reference frequently, and use as a reminder, keeping you and the entire team on the same page.  Physical displays like whiteboards in high traffic areas, are proven to increase success. They act as visual reminders, which are 20% more effective than auditory reminders. 


Business Whiteboard Calendar Equine Whiteboard

Choose a Custom Whiteboard 

You can choose from over 200 different custom whiteboard designs that real customers have ordered. Their functions range from measuring traffic in hospitals to monitoring school students’ mental health. 


Custom Dry Erase Boards


Choose From Over 200 templates

Wide Range of Customizable Dry Erase Options


You can get a custom designed print on any of our dry erase products listed below. Click on them to get a better understanding of their features, benefits, dimensions and more. 


Make a Custom Whiteboard From Scratch

If you are not comfortable drawing or sketching, you can always describe your ideas to our custom printed experts, or send us an excel file, png, or any other file type that can help us craft a stunning whiteboard design to meet your needs. Or you can create a custom whiteboard entirely from scratch.  If you’ve got a great custom whiteboard idea, fill out our form to get started! 

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Real Sketches, Real Customers


The design process is simple and fast. No matter how many iterations it takes before you approve the final draft for printing, we are certain we can meet your expectations. Check out the work our whiteboard designers created based on sketches done by real customers. 



Customizable Whiteboards
Allstate Monthly Summary Board
Customizable Dry Erase Boards
Horse Vet Schedule
Customizable Dry Erase Boards
Harvesting Plan
Customizable Dry Erase Boards
Product Purchasing List
Customizable Dry Erase Boards
Family and Friend’s Ring Toss Scoreboard
Customizable Dry Erase Boards
Tournament Bracket Board

Customizable Dry Erase Boards

A team at Vision General Contractor got in contact with us in the fall of 2020. They needed a custom printed whiteboard to track their day-to-day schedule, social media posts and marketing efforts. On the bottom they wanted a space to write down ideas, successes, failures, rewards, consequences and more. They drew us an extensive and complicated draft that our custom whiteboard experts turned into a  motivation masterpiece for the entire month. At the top of the board it reads, “Act Before You’re Ready,” “Enter New Waters,” “Keep Yourself Restless,” and so on.

Customizable Dry Erase Board
Monthly Motivation and Outlook and Overview


Meet our Custom Whiteboard Design Team


We are well equipped with a team of experienced design professionals ready to make your custom whiteboard idea into a reality. Our design and print shop will work with you to refine your idea into it’s best possible form. Take a minute to get to know our team.



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