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Agricultural Portable Dry Erase
MyWhiteboards has been serving growers and cultivators for over 34+ years. We understand that your ability to easily monitor and control the perfect growing conditions is critical to your success. Our custom printed agriculture and cultivation whiteboards make it easy.

Monitor and Control for the Perfect Environment

We understand that, as a farmer, it’s critical to get food on the shelves as fast as possible for freshness. As a medicinal herb grower, your plants need a high growth success rate. With these high standards comes intense environmental tracking and controls. With our custom printed whiteboards, you’ll take control of everything from soil temperature to plant pathogen response.

The difference between 5% in growth success rate could mean thousands of dollars at stake. Ensuring that your crops thrive is a huge responsibility, no matter what method you use, whether it be indoor vertical farming or hydroponics, outdoor plastic culture, conventional farming or GMO farming.

Farming Dry Erase Board

We serve agricultural and produce companies like Nasoya, America’s #1 tofu brand, AEM Award winning Sang Lee Farms, and one of the largest and fastest growing multi-city micro greens growers, Bright Farms.

Cultivating Cannabis Products

Like any other plant, cannabis grows in stages. Check out these custom printed dry erase boards for Organic Tactics that allows the tracking of marijuana plants from germination to flowering. The plant management checklist includes everything from bending, de-fanning, trimming, topping and transplanting.  Ensure a maximum bud and trim yield by tracking and controlling  temperature, humidity, light and ventilation.

Farming Dry Erase BoardFarming Dry Erase Board

Maintaining Soil Conditions

Each crop requires a different environment to grow in. The soil condition is one of the most important controls when it comes to conventional indoor, outdoor, or hybrid farming. Soil moisture, composition, chemicals and temperature will influence the quality of your plants.

Farming Dry Erase BoardFarming Dry Erase Board

Greenhouse Controls

The humidity, light, ventilation and overall air quality of your greenhouse is a major factor in flowering  and growth success. We understand that accuracy is critical for growing bountiful yields, which is why we’ve taken special care in designing thorough greenhouse control boards for producers like Bright Farms, one of the largest and fastest growing multi-city micro green growers in the US.

Farming Dry Erase Board

Production Tracking

Tracking your production and yield rate is the first step to streamlining and improving your daily operations by identifying bottlenecks. Check out Ardent Mill’s 5S Yield board that tracks KPIs like quality, safety and yield. Like any successful team based organization, they prioritize a space for comments and recognition.

Farming Dry Erase BoardFarming Dry Erase Board
Farming Dry Erase BoardFarming Dry Erase Board

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Mapping Out Land Plots

Keeping an eye on land plots can ensure your outdoor crops are planted on fertile soil. Our whiteboard design team has years of experience refining typographic maps, aerial shots and basic land plots complete with cartographic keys. Here are some basic land plot examples our design team created for Laffere Farms.


Farming Dry Erase BoardFarming Dry Erase BoardFarming Dry Erase Board

Choose from A Gallery of Farming Board Templates

Peruse our gallery of custom cultivation and farming dry erase boards. Any custom design is available as regular framed porcelain steel whiteboard, Prism-Lock™ metal whiteboard, a Portable Whiteboard, or custom magnet sheet. It’s easy to create your own board from scratch with the help of our experienced whiteboard designers.

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Agriculture WhiteboardsFarming Dry Erase BoardAgriculture WhiteboardsFarming Dry Erase Board
Agriculture WhiteboardsFarming Dry Erase BoardAgriculture WhiteboardsFarming Dry Erase Board
Agriculture WhiteboardsFarming Dry Erase BoardAgriculture WhiteboardsFarming Dry Erase Board

Why Choose OptiMA?

We are a woman-owned small business making our products in the USA. We specialize in dry erase boards, dry erase wallcoverings, portable dry erase units, high-quality custom printed whiteboards, fast shipping, and five-star customer service. Over the last three decades, we’ve worked hard to deliver industrial quality whiteboard solutions that won’t break customers’ budgets.

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