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Scrum Whiteboards
Used in a variety of industries from software development to construction, Scrum methodology is a time-focused, “Agile” based production process used to track progress on short-term projects or sprints. Practicing Scrum methodology is easy with the right dry erase tools. 

Though it evolved from the Agile production method in the 90s, Scrum is one of the most popular production methodologies used in today’s workforce. While Agile focuses heavily on cutting costs and reducing waste, Scrum methodology takes it one step further by implementing time sensitive tasks, learning loops, team roles and regular meetings.  Take a look at the diagram to see the relationship between Scrum, Agile, and Kanban. Scrum Whiteboard

Its sister methodology, Kanban, prioritizes continuous improvement of ongoing tasks like customer service, or website maintenance. Unlike Kanban, Scrum is all about 1-4 week sprints, perfect for short-term projects where requirements constantly change such as launching a new website or taking on a new client.

Elements of a Scrum Sprint

A Scrum is a group of people with specific roles who make up a “sprint.” A sprint is a time-sensitive project that lasts 1-4 weeks where no “system” or “structural” changes are made until the end. Speed is one of the most important indicators of success along with quality and iterative improvement. A “learning loop” occurs at the end of each sprint where the Scrum reviews the successes and failures and makes structural or system adjustments. A customizable dry erase board is typically used as a visual for Scrum to log tasks, indicate progress and measure success. The three main sections of a Scrum boards are “stories,” “backlogs,” and “tasks.”

Story: The story is the end goal of the user.

Backlog: The backlog is a list of components needed to meet the goal.

Tasks: The tasks are the smaller items that need to be completed in order to check off items in the backlog.

You can call these categories anything you need, for example, “Project,” “Component,” “List” or even “Sprint,” “Employee(s),” “Assignments.” Ultimately, the goal is to break down the  “to-do” list so that each Scrum member understands the role they play in the sprint, the timeframe and what needs to happen to ensure success.

Is Scrum Right for Your Team?

Scrum WhiteboardThe Scrum Method is not limited to software developers. It can become a praxis in any workplace where the requirements of the end user are constantly changing. For example, a UX research team may use the Scrum method to evaluate a variety of different products and services their company offers.

Or a contractor can use the Scrum method to manage the progress of multiple jobs throughout the week. The key words here are “variety” and “multiple.” These ever changing projects are easily turned into sprints.

This iterative process is capable of propelling your team towards fast and frequent results.  However, the Kanban methodology may be a better choice for your team if the job duty is focused on maintenance. Unlike Scrum’s use of sprints, Kanban propels a team towards the continuous improvement and optimization of their tried and true operations.

Types of Scrum Boards

Your choice of Scrum board design depends on your sprint requirements. No matter what Scrum board design you choose from, it will always prioritize sprints and their success in iterative improvement and time-sensitivity. Here are 4 different Scrum board designs that you can choose from and customize to your specifications.

Scrum Gantt Chart

The Gantt Chart is a detailed timeline of the start and stop times of your sprints and where they overlap. They have hard deadlines and labels can be customized or color coded to show which Scrum member is responsible for what task. The example is a sprint called Boston Project that runs for 4 weeks. It has 2 “stories”, 5 “backlogs,” and 13 “tasks.” The magnets show who is assigned to what task and are available here. This custom Scrum Gantt Chart Board is in stock here and can be altered to have more or less columns/rows, different colors and fonts and an added logo or background.

Scrum Whiteboard

Scrum Hourglasses

The Scrum Hourglass Board is a visual that shows the relative amount of time left on a “story.” The box at the top leaves a space for scrum members to decide which stories are the priority. In this sprint, each “story” gets a due date. Extra magnet strips and color coded magnets wait off to the side. This Scrum board is in stock and can be tweaked with any design elements. Add a logo or remove an hourglass. It’s totally up to you.

Scrum Boards

Scrum Radar

The Scrum radar board, like the Scrum hourglass board, is a creative way to depict how much time there is left to complete each task. The triangles indicate which backlog that section of the radar represents. The tasks need to be completed by the date that corresponds with the color. This works especially well for launching new products or publishing new content.

Scrum Whiteboard

Classic Scrum Board

The Classic Scrum Board is the most commonly known way to measure the completion of tasks and success of sprints. It’s simply 4 column design is easy to understand but includes all the information needed like due dates and Scrum roles. The one below provides a space to add one “story” per week. Magnet strips and color coded magnets can be added for further customization.

Scrum Whiteboard

There are endless ways to design a Scrum board. If you’d like us to help you design one that it completely different from what we already have, not a problem.  We have whiteboard graphic designers on site ready to help out.  Already have a design? Great! Choose which type of board you would like here. Once you order, you’ll get a link to upload your artwork. If you want some help deciding, call our product knowledge experts at 866-366-1500.

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Gantt Dry erase Board
Scrum Dry erase BOard
Scrum Dry erase board
Scrum Dry erase board

Sizes and Types of Custom Boards

Custom Dry Erase Boards

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