Vet Recommends Custom Whiteboards in Animal Care Practices

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Veterinary Animal Diagram Whiteboard
In the veterinary practice, custom whiteboards have an innumerable amount of uses. No matter what aspect of animal care, whether it be animal rescue, physical therapy, medicine or grooming, there's a custom whiteboard to help your team thrive.

Dr. Klingborg, DVM, Recommends Veterinary Whiteboards

As a student of veterinary medicine, visual tools for studying the anatomy and physiology of our four legged friends proved useful. Using the same technique to help educate the patients’ humans is just as important. Jon Klingborg, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, recommends veterinarians use all the visual resources they have available to them, such as dry-erase boards, “to present information in a form for all learning styles (1).” Clear communication with the owners exponentially increases pet owner satisfaction.  Efficiently communicating with the patient’s family can help them understand procedures and make them feel like all options are being thoroughly considered.

DVM and Patient Owner Communication

Veterinarian Whiteboard

Custom veterinary or animal care whiteboards will not only help you communicate clearly with the patient’s family, but it can also help you keep all staff and/or medical professionals on the same page. No matter what aspect of animal well-being , visual communication helps foster a transparent and productive team culture.  In a veterinary office, visuals are the focal point. Patients and doctors alike, use them to get relevant information in every room in the office.  In exam rooms, waiting rooms, or lobbies patients can use whiteboards to learn about their cat’s physiology, common health issues in senior dogs or the importance of spaying and neutering. DVMs and vet technicians use dry erase boards to check animals in and out, monitor the health of our furry friends in intensive care, adhere to feeding and walking schedules, and so much more. How you set up your custom animal care whiteboard will depend entirely on your organization’s goals and objectives.


Veterinarian BoardOur valued customer, Licensed Veterinary Technician, Cindy Yepez, of Bayou City Veterinary Hospital agrees. “Our team members are thrilled to have something so nice to use that also makes their job easier. The surgical/dental board was the most important for us, as there is a lot of information that the team keeps track of for each patient. The team can quickly see if a patient has special needs, requires tests before their procedure, or what order the doctor that day wants to perform each procedure. On the boarding whiteboard we keep track of where the pet is staying, dates they will be with us, what doctor is in charge and any special requirements.”  You can check out the 5 star rated Bayou City Veterinary Hospital’s website here at


Popular Templates for Veterinary Whiteboards

Check out a few of the more popular templates for veterinary dry erase boards. We’ve worked with several animal hospitals and boarding organizations to design and print custom whiteboards that support specific needs and goals, like precise check in and check out schedules, clear surgical information boards, anatomy diagrams for exam room discussions and accurate animal boarding lists.

Veterinary Check in and Check out

Animal Hospital Check In Dry Erase Board

All DVMs and techs can use this board to get a glimpse of the daily schedule.

Veterinary Surgical Board

Animal Hospital Surgery Dry Erase Board

When the veterinary procedure calls for careful consideration and high accuracy, the surgical board is the best tool for the job.

Veterinary Anatomy Diagrams

Animal Hospital Anatomy Dry Ease Board

These lapboards help explain to the patient’s family, the cardiovascular, digestive or respiratory systems to address animal pain or other health concerns.

Pet Boarding

Pet Veterinary Boarding Dry Erase Board

Keep all over night stays in check with a Veterinary Patient Boarding List.

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Endless Animal Care Board Functions

A successful team needs clear communication, accurate measurements and commitment to daily tasks, all of which can be tracked by a simple visual display such as a whiteboard. Whether it’s magnetic, 12 feet long, or fits in your bag, our veterinary whiteboard collection can help you properly care for your four-legged patients. We’re eager to work with animal care teams to design anything from training trackers to grooming checklists, or diet schedules to fundraising meters. You can check out our animal care portfolio here!

Veterinary Dry Erase Board
Veterinary Boarding Whiteboard
Veterinary Check In Board
Veterinary Anatomy Diagram Board
Veterinary Anatomy Diagram Board
Veterinary Dry Erase Board
Veterinary Surgical Procedure Dry Erase Board
Veterinary Medication Dry Erase Board


Veterinary Dry Erase Portfolio

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We are a woman-owned small business making our products in the USA. We specialize in dry erase boards, dry erase wallcoverings, portable dry erase units, high-quality custom printed whiteboards, fast shipping, and five-star customer service. Over the last three decades, we’ve worked hard to deliver industrial quality whiteboard solutions that won’t break customers’ budgets.



  1. Klingborg, J. (2011). Exam Room Communication for Veterinarians: The Science and Art of Conversing with Clients. United States: AAHA Press.



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