How to Clean a Whiteboard

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Congratulations, you are a proud owner of a brand new, clean whiteboard! But here’s the big question, how do you keep it clean? Whether you’ve customized it to your liking, invested in dry erase wallpaper, or gone the traditional route, your goal is now to keep it in mint condition. Now how do you achieve this? It’s simple; daily maintenance.

For a Clean Whiteboard, Use the Right Tools

When using your whiteboard, make sure you use the correct writing tools to keep your board looking like the day you first unwrapped it. Business WhiteboardNon-dry erase markers may have a more appealing color, design, and packaging that make you want to use them in your classroom, office, or home. Don’t be fooled! Every marker on your board should be clearly designated for use with dry erase boards or whiteboards. This means no permanent markers, highlighters, or those scented Mr.Sketch markers (no matter how good they smell!)

If you find that yourself, a student, your child, or your coworker has accidentally written on your board with a permanent marker, do not fret; there is a cure! Scribble over the permanent marker with a dry-erase marker, and wipe away the ink before it has dried. This should wipe away the dry-erase ink and your permanent marker from your whiteboard, erasing the evidence that it was ever there.

When using a custom printed dry-erase, we do not encourage the use of wet-erase markers since they can cause damage and staining to your custom printed boards. We recommend using a dry-erase marker to ensure the life of your printed whiteboard.

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Clean Your Whiteboard Regularly

Whiteboard Cleaning Accessories Consistently wiping down your board will remove any chemical buildup on your whiteboard, preventing staining, ghosting, and more. This may seem like a simple task in the grand scheme of things, but doing it regularly will save your board for a lifetime. The use of a proper eraser is as essential as using suitable markers on your board. Some kinds of erasers or cloths can be abrasive and cause damage to your whiteboard with continued use. We recommend that you stick with specialty erasers or microfiber cloths. These erasers are soft enough not to cause abrasions on your board but will erase your work cleanly with no residue left behind.

Quick erasing tip! If you made a mistake, wait ten seconds before erasing to allow the ink to dry. This simple step will keep your dry erase ink from smearing across your board and leaving stains where you had been writing.

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Use Whiteboard-Safe Cleaners

Like any other product you own, using safe cleaners is one of the most critical aspects of keeping your boards in mint condition. Two cleaning options that are always whiteboard safe are water and rubbing alcohol.Whiteboard Cleaner Accessories These options do not contain any chemicals that could strip your board or cause any damage that would affect your whiteboard’s performance.

These options are exceptionally safe when using custom printed boards that have designs on them. Custom printed boards are not recommended to be cleaned with anything other than water or rubbing alcohol when needed due to the possibility of damaging the prints and sealing agents.

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