The Best Dry Erase Lapboards for Students

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Student Lapboards

Whether the students in your life are homeschooled, learning remotely, or in the classroom, whiteboards can elevate the learning experience. But since there are so many whiteboards on the market,  what are the best dry erase student lapboards?

Classic Student Lapboards

The classic student lapboard is familiar to every student who has been through schooling. Our lapboards are engineered using a dense wood backer and coated with a UV-protected writing surface. This means that our boards are easily erased and never ghost when cared for properly. and the boards can be used time and time again. To keep your lapboard in mint condition, erase with alcohol and a soft cloth.Student Dry Erase Board

These boards are great for younger children due to their easy erasability, small size, and reusability. The classic student lapboard is a dream teaching tool that has been proven to improve memorizing and fact retention.

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Handheld Dry Erase Music Lapboards

Do you have a young prodigy at home who is currently learning to play an instrument? We have the perfect lapboard for you! We offer a wideMusic Student Lapboard arrange of music dry erase boards. These whiteboards can be utilized at home, in the classroom, or in private musical lessons. We offer many styles of dry erase boards for a wide range of musical needs.

OptiMA handheld music lapboards give you the versatility to bring music lessons to any classroom or home. These whiteboards are durable. The double-sided music staff lapboard has become one of America’s top-selling teaching aids. Each whiteboard is double-sided, offering a music staff and a plain white writing surface. These boards are available in two sizes, 9″ x 12″ and a larger 11″ x 17″,  with smooth bull-nosed edges and rounded corners for safety and comfort.

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Musical learning can be complex for students who rely on visual aids to understand what they are learning. Make learning more manageable with our OptiMA large double sided lapboards with a music staff and keyboard. The keyboard model is an excellent instructional tool for reading music and keyboard notes simultaneously, allowing you to write musical notes on the staff line and corresponding notes on the keys. Add labels to the keys on the keyboard to create the perfect visual teaching aid.

These boards are double-sided, with one side permanently printed with a keyboard and music staff lines, the other side having a plain white surface for drawing or writing. The lapboard is 11″ tall x 17″ wide and a sturdy 1/8″ thickness to easily fit into a piano music stand, making it perfect for your lessons. It is recommended to clean these boards with water or rubbing alcohol to avoid damaging the piano printing.

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Are you learning to play guitar? Are you a teacher who offers lessons, or simply a musical teacher looking for more visual aids? You are in luck! Our OptiMA™ 11″ x 17″ Double-Sided Guitar Lapboard is the perfect visual learning tool for music teachers and students. The dry erase guitar lapboard has many unique design elements, including frets, strings, and musical staff lines to help students read music and play the guitar.Guitar Music Dry Erase Board This lapboard adds a visual aid to students learning to allow them to learn and practice the principles of learning guitar. We offer three different styles to work best with your students’ needs.

The lapboards are 11″ x 17″ x 1/8″ thick with rounded corners with smooth bullnose edges. They are made with OptiPrint® dry erase writing surface on both sides that won’t crack, fade or peel. The reverse side of each unit has the same white dry erase writing surface as our most popular plain student lapboards.

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Handheld Line Graph Boards

Make math class more interactive for your students through student lapboards, and help your visual learners understand the classroom through our OptiMA™ Handheld Line Graph Whiteboards. These Line Graph Dry Erase Boardboards are great for teaching your students line graphs and bar charts, with a double side offering a blank white writing surface. Our Line Graph Whiteboards have bold axis lines with a ghosted gray grid pattern and a thin border line every five rows and five columns.

These Line Graph Boards are offered in two different sizes, 9″ x 12″ and 11″ x 17″. These boards are 1/8″ with rounded bullnose edges for comfort and safety. We do not recommend using damp/wet-erase markers — please use classic dry erase markers. We recommend cleaning with a soft cloth damp with water or rubbing alcohol to keep your boards in mint condition.

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U.S. Map Student Lapboards

Make geography fun with the OptiMA™  Student Lapboard with a U.S. Map! Our handheld double-sided student dry erase lapboard features a colorful map of the United States on one side and plain white dry erase surface on the reverse side. We carry two options for these lapboards. The first option has all the states labeled with their appropriate two-letter abbreviation. The second option has the states unlabeled to challenge students to test their knowledge of geography. Student US Map Dry Erase Board

These lapboards are offered in two sizes: 9″ x 12″ or a larger size of 11″ x 17″. Each design is sold separately to allow you to mix and match designs as you please. We recommend cleaning these boards with a soft cloth damp with water or rubbing alcohol to keep them in mint condition.

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Customizable Student Lapboard

Looking for a specific dry erase lapboard but not finding exactly what you want? The OptiPrint® lapboard is an affordable, handheld, custom-printed dry erase lapboard made in the U.S.A. Why not customize it! Create a custom whiteboard for your students’ learning, whether for musical, artistic, mathematical, or scientific purposes. The opportunities are endless!

student lapboardThey are offered in medium size of 9″ x 12″ (our most popular size) and a larger 11″ x 17″ (remember, you can flip your design and use any size vertically as well). You have the option of putting a vinyl print on either one side or both sides. If your lapboard only has a single print, we apply the vinyl so that the other side of the board is still available as a plain white dry erase writing surface. The double-sided OptiPrint® lapboards will have a custom print on each side of the board.

We recommend cleaning these boards with a soft cloth damp with water or rubbing alcohol to keep them in mint condition. We recommend using dry erase markers on these boards, not wet erase markers.

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