How Safety Whiteboards Can Help Your Warehouse

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It may not be apparent, but safety signs and safety whiteboards play a significant role in keeping you safe every day. The same is true for signs present in the workplace; they play a huge role in telling workers what is dangerous and where to take extra precautions. But how do you know what the best safety signs are for your workplace?

What Signs Do You Need?

When designing and looking for signs and safety whiteboards to display in your workplace, there are many factors that you should consider. For work signage to be effective in its purpose, you must consider your employeeWarehouse Safety Whiteboard and Forklift population and the regulations and established requirements for the design, application, and use of safety signs. To be effective, your signs must be understandable to all your employees. This can be done quickly with universal symbols such as an exclamation point, Do Not Enter signage, or certain colors. These standardized signs are universal for “danger” and “proceed with caution.” Using this as a foundation in your workplace as a safety language for employees will allow them to understand and begin to recognize hazards. 

Secondly, consider your audience. What is the demographic of your workforce that will be encountering safety signage? What is the level of literacy in your warehouse? Is your staff all speaking the same language? Are there multiple languages present? Having signs in multiple languages is an easy solution. Safety signs are only truly effective when everyone can read and interpret them the same way.

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Where Should Safety Whiteboards be Placed?

Signs and safety whiteboards should be placed in the correct location, allowing them to prevent workplace accidents effectively. These signs should be located in areas with heavy machinery and outside of hazardous locations. These signs being placed correctly will ensure your warehouse will avoid accidents, promote safety and continue to follow workplace protocol.

When putting safety signs and safety whiteboards around your workplace, be mindful of consistency. If similar signage is needed in Yearly Warehouse Accident Tracking Safety Whiteboardmultiple locations, the messaging should be conveyed in similar ways. This will ensure that employees quickly understand the context of any given signs in your workplace. These signs can notify employees of PPE requirements, site safety policies, and machine safety information. Along with protecting your employees, these signs keep your workplace OSHA compliant, ANSI compliant, and in line with required safety regulations. 

Safety signs exist because displaying the right signs will prevent errors in daily work life while ensuring an organized workplace, warehouse, or job site. Many different kinds of signs can ensure workplace safety, from general hand-washing reminders to specific requirements unique to your workplace. 

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