Introducing the Driver’s Ed Teaching Kit!

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Drivers Ed Board

We are excited to announce our newest product, OptiMA® Driver’s Ed Teaching Kit!  Our Driver’s Ed Teaching Tools are easy-to-use kits featuring cars, trucks, and even road signs!

OptiMA® Driver’s Ed Teaching Tools

Drivers Ed BoardOur new Driver’s Ed Teaching Kits were created to elevate your classroom experience with a dry erase board featuring some of the most common road scenarios. You can choose from roundabouts, six-lane intersection, on-ramp and railroad crossings. Our printed dry erase products are made with a superior writing surface that allows you to easily write, erase and do it all over again. Keep your students engaged and make the most out of your teachings by helping your students visualize your lesson.

Designed for versatility,  we offer five different road designs; Roundabout, Six-Lane Intersection, On-Ramp, Road onto Roundabout, and Four Lane Road with Railroad Crossing. Our road designs are printed on 3′ x 6′ or 4′ x 6′ dry erase boards or removable magnetic prints. We can also create a custom sized board or design for your school. Just give us a call!

Our Driver’s Ed Teaching Magnetic Tools Kit contains 55+ pieces, including vehicles such as ambulances, school buses, and Drivers Ed Postermulti-colored cars, along with familiar construction and road warning signs. Looking to create a road scenario where a student encounters a school bus, railroad crossing, or a merge? How about a simulation of what would happen if a pedestrian is crossing at a four-way stop? We got you covered. Our collection of driver’s education boards allow you to prepare your students for any and all scenarios.

The Driver’s Ed Teaching Kit features a high quality board coated with our superior dry-erase surface, guaranteed not to ghost when properly cared for. These kits are built to have options for every situation and budget. Whether you are are looking to outfit a new classroom with a brand new Driver’s Education Board or simply looking to add to your pre-existing surface, we have an option to meet your needs.


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*Proper care is simple! Just erase with alcohol and a soft cloth to keep your surface in mint condition! These magnets are flexible; store flat when not used!

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