The Best Board Resurfacing Option on the Market

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Resurfacing Options

Want to upgrade from a chalkboard? Are you looking to fix up an old whiteboard? Don’t purchase a new board, resurface! offers a wide variety of industrial-quality resurfacing options for your classroom or conference room board. We aim to simplify your life with this list of The Best Dry Erase Resurfacing Options on the Market so many options on the market!

Different Types of Opti-Rite® Resurfacing

First, before we dive in, we should go over the quick and easy index of the different types of resurfacing options available. Once you know the different types, it allows you to understand your different choices better.

Peel and Stick:

Some of the Opti-Rite® materials are designed with a peel and stick self-adhesive backing. The self-adhesive backing allows for quick projects and quick, straightforward processes. The self-adhesive materials lend themselves to resurfacing projects. You can use them on walls, old whiteboards, chalkboards, or any smooth surface. 

Board Resurfacing Options

Adhesive Required:

While there are peel and stick options, some projects require an adhesive for application. The application-required adhesive resurfacing options are great for larger wall applications and are best installed by a professional.

Magnetic Receptive:

Magnetic receptive materials work exactly as they sound. Your favorite resurfacing options with magnetic receptive backing allow for the use of your favorite magnets and magnetic accessories.

Matte or Low Gloss Material:

A low gloss material that is dry-erase can be used for projection simultaneously. Matte Opti-Rite material prevents glare and creates a blank canvas for overhead projection.


Opti-Rite Resurfacing OptionOpti-Rite® Mag™ Self Adhesive

Our customers have been asking for self-adhesive, magnetic receptive Opti-Rite® material for as long as we can remember. The self-adhesive material is an excellent solution for replacing old or worn-out chalk or dry-erase boards. We worked closely with our suppliers to develop an easy-to-apply magnetic receptive solution that works great on a smooth surface. 

Opti-Rite® Mag™ Self Adhesive has the extra benefit of cutting to your desired size or shapes with simple scissors, box cutters, or straight razors. Opti-Rite® Mag™ Self Adhesive has a bright white, super glossy dry-erase writing surface that erases cleanly and doesn’t stain. The adhesive is super strong and reduces bubbling issues to make it even better. 

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Opti-Rite® Lite™ Non-Magnetic Peel and Stick

Opti-Rite® Lite™ is a non-magnetic receptive dry-erase wall covering or resurfacing material featuring a peel and stick backing. It is a flexible dry erase material that comes in a roll can be cut with a razor, knife, or scissors. 

You can apply Opti-Rite® Lite™ directly onto any non-porous painted surface to create a new dry-erase writing surface. Opti-Rite® Lite™ has a heavy-duty semi-permanent adhesive that can be used indoors and outdoors. 

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OptiMA™ Wide Magnetic Receptive Dry Erase Wall Covering Bright Finish

Opti-Rite® 2 is a high-quality, bright white gloss, flexible dry-erase writing surface and dry-erase wall covering that also attracts light-duty magnets and magnetic indicator. The bright and glossy surface gives you an excellent surface that erases cleanly without smudging or ghosting. 

Opti-Rite® 2 is made of a unique ferrous powdered vinyl that allows the surface to remain flexible yet permits magnetic lettering and graphics—offering the user the opportunity to hang posters and charts. The Opti-Rite® 2 has a dry-erase top film that boasts excellent readability and erasability properties.  

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Whiteboard Resurfacing OptionOpti-Rite® 2 Magnetic Low Gloss Dry Erase Projection Wallpaper

Opti-Rite® 2 Mag™ is one of our more versatile wall coverings. Opti-Rite® 2 Mag™ is the dry-erase wall covering that has it all. It features a low-gloss, projection-ready, magnetic receptive dry-erase writing surface that erases clean. Using a unique ferrous powdered vinyl, the surface remains flexible yet permits the use of magnetic lettering, shapes, posters, and a wide variety of magnetic accessories. 

Opti-Rite® 2 Mag™ Matte serves as a projection surface without sacrificing its dry erase properties. The matte surface erases no differently than a high-gloss wall covering without ghosting. Opti-Rite® Acrylic Primer and Opti-Rite® Adhesive are both recommended and sold separately. For the best results, we recommend the use of a professional installer. 

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OptiMA® Opti-Rite® Clear™ Dry Erase Laminate

Use Opti-Rite® Clear™ to enhance, protect and add value to your graphics. Opti-Rite® Clear™ dry-erase laminate makes a dry-erase writing surface a smooth, non-porous surface. Opti-Rite® Clear™ can be used for everything from printed signs to making custom dry erase boards, allowing you to transform any smooth, non-porous surface. 

The Opti-Rite® Clear™ is a translucent, self-adhesive material with a peel-and-stick backing allowing for easy, non-complex application. The adhesive formula will quickly apply the material will adhere better and become more transparent over time. Like our other Opti-Rite® Dry Erase products, there is never any ghosting or staining. You won’t find a better erasing transparent dry-erase material. 

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Opti-Rite® Basic Dry Erase Wallpaper Non-Magnetic 

Opti-Rite® Basic Dry Erase Wallpaper will apply directly to any smooth, prepared wall to create full-height dry-erase boards like a heavy vinyl wall covering. These dry-erase wall coverings can also be an excellent and economical alternative to buying custom-sized dry-erase boards. 

The Opti-Rite® Basic is designed to customize to your needs, being able to be cut with a sharp pair of scissors, razor, or knife. You can create specific dimensions, designs, and shapes with your Opti-Rite Basic®. You can’t do that with a traditional framed dry-erase board, can you? 

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Still unsure of what Opti-Rite® Dry Erase Wallpaper works best for your needs? Please take our short questions to find the Right Opti-Rite® for you! 

Opti-Rite® Selection Tool

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