Introducing the 24-Piece Magnetic Money Kit!

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Magnetic Money Kit

Are you a teacher starting a unit on money? Maybe you’re a homeschooling parent trying to teach your kids about basic financial literacy. Either way, our new magnet kit is for you. We are excited to introduce our new product, the 24-Piece Magnetic Money Kit! Perfect for teaching in the classroom, homeschooling, and more.

24-Piece Magnetic Money Kit

Educational magnetic Money KitOur new 24-Piece Magnetic Money Kit includes everything you need to introduce basic financial concepts to your students or children, including ten US currency bills, blown up to twice the size of a standard US dollar. Also presented within the kit is a wide variety of different coins ranging from pennies, quarters, half dollars, and even a dollar coin! These super-realistic magnetic bills and coins are perfect for educational lessons and are large enough to be easily seen from the back of the classroom.

This top-notch kit teaches children the basics of economics, making change, and counting money. Show your classroom the differences between coins and dollars, and introduce them to the specialty coins and their values. This magnetic kit allows learning finances to be fun, engaging and entertaining for kids of all ages.

Our magnetic money is printed with our exclusive Opti-Print® process. The colors are eye-catching and functional, featuring a phenomenal dry and wet erase surface that you genuinely have to use to appreciate. The durability and lack of ghosting are unmatched by similar products, and they’re made here in the USA. Our Magnetic Money pairs well with our porcelain steel whiteboards or your current magnetic receptive board. With very few exceptions, any magnetic receptive surface will do, from refrigerators to metal doors. These magnetic bills and coins are so beautifully rendered that you can even use them as decorations.


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Magnetic Money Kit

Care is Simple!

Educational Magnetic MoneyThese magnets are flexible, but we recommend storing them flat when not in use. All of our Magnetic Money items are dry and wet erase friendly. Just wipe them off with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth to clean them. Our durable vinyl won’t peel or separate even after hundreds of uses.

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