How to Manage your Fleet with Custom Dry Erase

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Fleet Maintained Dry Erase Board

Fleet maintenance is a critical part of owning a business, especially regarding efficiency and cost-saving on your vehicles. Fleet maintenance can be a daunting task, but it becomes a breeze when you utilize custom dry erase boards.

Fleet Maintance BoardWhat is Fleet Maintenance?

Preventative fleet maintenance revolves around the proactive approach to stopping problems from arising by keeping your vehicles well maintained. Fleet maintenance is the management of commercial motor vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, machinery, and specialty vehicles. Fleet maintenance can cover everything from gas mileage, odometers, drivers, and maintenance need to name a few. Different companies have different needs for their vehicles or machines to ensure they run in tip-top shape.

How to Master Fleet Maintenance with Dry Erase

Let’s be honest — everything is better when it’s made just for you. The same goes for dry erase boards. That is where comes in. We can make any idea, dream, or design come to life to help make your job easier. But the real question is how can a customizable dry erase board manage your fleet?

Fleet Maintenance Custom Dry Erase Boards are called custom for a reason; they are made precisely for you. Every fleet maintenance whiteboard has been designed to fit your needs. One way to manage your fleet is to identify your assets, needs, and requirements. How many vehicles do you need? What is the maintenance that needs to be tracked? How many miles are being put onto the vehicles? Who is allowed to operate these vehicles or machines? It is critical to know this information to allow your vehicles to run faster and smoother. Stay ahead of breakdowns and repairs, and ensure safety for your employees.

Another use of these boards can be focused on Driving Reports, which is a way to track assessments, problems, and maintenance. This can be done on a rotation rather than set dates to ensure accuracy and prevention. Have your drivers fill out reports on your fleet maintenance board with their vehicle’s stats, like oil, tire pressure, and fluid levels. Having this information in a communal area allows everyone to be updated on the vehicle’s status, what maintenance is needed, and any reported problems. This means no surprises or unknown variables for your employees when they drive or operate any machines.

Custom Fleet Maintenance Dry Erase boards can meet any needs that might arise when maintaining your business. We aim to make fleet maintenance work for you, from daily maintenance to driving schedules and machinery identification.

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