How Custom Dry Erase Aids Labor and Delivery Units

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Custom Maternity Board

Labor and Delivery units are constantly full of new parents, babies, and visitors, especially when there are 3.6 million births a year in the US alone. For nurses, having critical information accessible and on display is vital to ensure the best care of patients. For patients, the comfort of knowing is unbeatable. This is where the fantastic benefits of having custom maternity dry erase boards come in.

The Benefits of Custom Dry Erase Boards

Custom Maternity BoardKnowing critical information in the labor and delivery unit is essential for ensuring that new moms and infants are safe and healthy throughout their stay. The introduction of custom maternity dry erase boards allows for this information to be at the hands of your staff, easily updated, and easily seen during fast-paced moments.

Healthcare providers rely on labor and delivery nurses working alongside obstetricians to work collaboratively and think critically to provide the best care for moms and babies while following their birth plans. Having important information readily visible allows nurses to know their patients’ names, their progression in labor, expected delivery time, and birth plan. In the case of shift changes and rounds, having a patient’s information allows staff to be aware of status, birth plans, medication, and any concerns throughout labor.

First-time parents might find themselves nervous and anxious while staying in the hospital. Unsure of what will happen next, the procedures they encounter may cause more concerns about what’s expected or standard. Introducing custom dry erase boards into the mix allows patients to understand what’s happening and alleviates some of the anxiety that may occur.

After delivery, monitoring babies and moms’ vitals is essential for ensuring a comfortable recovery while being aware of any complications that are handled quickly. These whiteboards help to ensure that new parents are educated on feeding and sleeping schedules, what to expect, and essential care for newborns. The post-partum unit is not excluded from the benefits of custom dry erase boards.

This time is where custom maternity dry erase whiteboards ensure post-partum care goes smoothly. Through maternity dry erase boards, nurses can be updated about how their patients feel when the last rounds have occurred, any questions that have come up, discharge plans, and more. Once again, they assist medical staff in providing the highest level of care to patients through triage to discharge in the labor and delivery unit.

What Makes our Hospital Boards Different?

From patient room boards to command centers, we have done it all! Our boards feature exceptional erasability and durably built quality and will last as long as they are cared for properly. Our Prism-Lock™ whiteboard is a hospital favorite, featuring ink transferred directly onto metal. The Prism-Lock™ board is resistant to hospital-grade cleaners, like ammonia and bleach.

Our custom maternity dry erase boards are rated to a minimum of 20,000 wipes and feature unmatched scratch resistance while maintaining its strong and sterile surface. All of our signature boards are built with extremely durable wood substrate and wrapped with sleek anodized aluminum trim, which is itself an anti-microbial metal. Our boards are built with hospitals in mind.

Examples of our Labor and Delivery Boards

Custom Maternity Dry Erase Board

Custom Maternity Board

Custom Maternity Board

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