How to Elevate Your Space With Magnetic Paint

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Magnetic Paint

Decorating and designing interior spaces is an easy way to express yourself and your style. Interior design can also be functional rather than aesthetic. Why not show off your style while factoring in functionality? The use of magnetic receptive primer encourages the use of creativity and imagination while making any wall or surface magnetic receptive.  Magnetic receptive primer can be applied anywhere from your sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, or playroom!

Introducing Opti-MagPrime™!Magnetic Paint

Mag-Prime™ is the newest member of the OptiMA® Companies product lineup. This charcoal gray magnetic receptive primer is designed to transform your walls into a magnetic receptive surface. Opti-MagPrime™ can be top-coated with any standard latex paint of your choice to create a fully magnetic receptive surface that can hold magnets, banners, and more. Opti-MagPrime™ can be used on multiple surfaces including wood, masonry, dry wood, plaster, metal, and more.

This primer is uniquely formulated to require minimal mixing and creates a smooth magnetic receptive canvas every time. Opti-MagPrime™ is non-toxic, water-based, and easy to apply. The best part is Mag-Prime™ is electronic-safe and works well with magnets from!

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For the best results, apply using a brush. Allow for one hour of drying time between coats. Only two coats will be sufficient for most projects, but more may be used for stronger magnetic adhesion. Ensure the area primed with Opti-MagPrime™ is completely dry before painting over it. After applying primer, the painting area may be lightly sanded in preparation for latex paint.

What Can You Do With Magnetic Receptive Primer?

The possibilities are endless with Opti-MagPrime™; the opportunities are endless with a wide range of surface and primer characteristics. Opti-MagPrime™ can be mixed with many different types of specialty paint, from chalkboard paint to traditional paint, to build a functional but aesthetic wall.

Magnetic PaintElevate a child’s room with magnetic receptive walls. Put educational magnets on your child’s wall for homeschool lessons, hang artwork, or put up a calendar!  The abilities of Opti-MagPrime™ are endless, without the risk of damaging your walls with thumbtacks, tape, and screws. You can now design them any way you want and paint a top coat of regular latex paint over it to create a truly incognito magnetic receptive surface. Do you have an extremely active toddler who constantly needs toys to entertain them? Research busy boards and implement them onto your new magnetic wall, and let your child be entertained for hours.

Want to create a colleague wall that you can interchange regularly? Attach magnets to the backs of your picture frames, and hang them! Do you own a business with frequent wall banner changes? Now you can interchange these easily with a combination of our custom printed magnets and our Opti-MagPrime™.


Magnetic receptive walls are here to provide you with inspiration and creativity, functionality, and aesthetics. Opti-MagPrime™ is available in a gallon can, quart, or cup size. Order now!

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