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Interactive Board is excited to announce that we now carry Newline Interactive Boards! Leading the way in interactive boards with touch display technology, Newline Interactive boards are non-proprietary and some of the easiest to use on the market.

Who is Newline Interactive?

Newline Interactive is a company that continually develops interactive board display solutions that are easy to use, non-proprietary, and integrated with continuous support and training available at your fingertips. Newline’s solution is to help you work more efficiently and bring interactivity to your students, colleagues, or collaborators.

With the goal to create products that work for every vertical imaginable, Newline products are designed for corporate, education, higher education, government, healthcare, and more!

What are the Benefits of Newline Interactive?

Interactive Board Newline Interactive boards have too many benefits to count, so we’ll only name a few to save you some time. Newline specializes in creating completely integrated systems right at your fingertips. Each all-in-one display is designed to be a self-contained collaboration solution.

If you find yourself scratching your head at the idea of “self-contained collaboration,” we get it.  us explain. Newline’s interactive boards are designed to have every system you could need to succeed with their boards. Depending on the model you choose, our Newline board has integrated video conferencing, built-in computers, and more. No more buying accessories, hooking up cables to projectors, or grainy video cameras on a laptop. We have everything you need, all designed to fit conveniently in your Newline display.

Not only does Newline Interactive provide the simplicity of integrated solutions, but they also offer continuous training and support. Newline has extensive online training for new users or users who wish to expand their knowledge further. Even with training, sometimes issues and questions arise. No worries, Newline Interactive’s support team is only a short phone call away. Whether it’s questions about your board or technical issues that need solving, they are ready to help.

Best of all, Newline Interactive manufactures all its own products.  This means there is always stock as they keep their warehouses full of inventory, meaning very short lead times and quick shipping. And even better, Newline Interactive hears your concerns and suggestions and can make changes. It leads to constant innovation, fixed problems, and customer satisfaction.

Newline Interactive Q Series.

Interactive BoardNow that we’ve given you a solid background about Newline Interactive, let’s get to what you’re interested in – the interactive display boards! Newline’s Q Series 4K LED Multi-Touch Display is a revolutionary interactive board solution for teachers and students. Newline’s Q Series board helps create an immersive experience for your students by allowing them to engage with learning materials like never before.

Newline’s Q Series offers super-fast USB-C connectivity, allowing teachers to connect to any desktop computer, laptop, or device and dive directly into lessons. Built-in WiFi 6 modules offer exceptional connectivity and allow you to securely connect up to 30 devices, turning your classroom into a truly interactive hub. Android 11 OS with user profiles makes switching between users fast and easy. Choose from over 100 apps on the Newline Store and download them directly onto your panel.

Newline Interactive’s Q Series display comes equipped with 20W speakers for clear sound that reaches throughout the whole classroom. If you find yourself looking for more sound, quip a Bluetooth speaker. Not only does it have speakers, but the Q Series also comes with a 178-degree viewing angle that ensures that all students in the classroom can see. This interactive board is also compatible with an optional 4K conferencing camera.

The Q Series Display has a crystal clear 4K LED screen that utilizes IR touch technology with up to 20 touch points and smooth finger or stylus writing. Don’t worry about cleaning or germs, because the Q Series display features an antimicrobial surface that protects you and your students against bacteria and germs. The best part of all, the Newline Interactive Q Series is compatible with all devices and software! Choose from 55″, 65″, 76″, and 85″ displays that can be mounted on the wall or via other Newline mounting stands.


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Newline Interactive Z Series

Interactive BoardReimagine workplace collaboration with the Z Series 4K LED Multi-Touch Display, a revolutionary interactive display that provides an immersive experience for the boardroom and conference room. The Newline Z-Series offers a 4K LED Multi-Touch display (Capacitive Touch). The interactive board offers up to 20-point touch technology but can be equipped with Windows 40-point touch. A tempered glass surface makes writing, drawing, and noting with a finger and stylus smooth and effortless. The display is fashioned with an integrated onboard computer which means no additional devices are needed.

The state-of-the-art Z Series board boasts super-fast USB-C connectivity and a crystal clear 4K UHD display. An Android 11 OS allows for user storage as well as the use of almost any app from the Newline App Store. The Z Series comes equipped with a powerful 4K conferencing camera with a 120-degree viewing angle and automatic focus for conferences and meetings. The display itself has a 178-degree viewing angle that ensures everybody in the meeting can see and view the screen.

This display comes equipped with a proximity sensor that wakes automatically when people enter the room. 8G RAM makes it simple to store any data, information or recorded meetings on your Z Series. The Z Series comes equipped with 20W speakers for clear sound that reaches the back of the conference room. If that isn’t loud enough, equip a Bluetooth speaker! The Newline Z Series 4K LED Multi-Touch Display can be mounted on the wall as well as mounted via other Newline mounting stands available from


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