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Interactive Board

Newline Interactive’s Q Series is made with schools and education in mind, designing an interactive board that is the “hub” of your classroom. The goal is to help others learn and engage them in ways that expand their knowledge at the forefront, giving students tools designed for collaboration, creativity, and learning.

Who Is Newline Interactive?

Newline Interactive is a company that continually develops interactive board display solutions that are easy to use, non-proprietary, and integrated with continuous support and training available at your fingertips. Newline’s answer is to help you work more efficiently and bring interactivity to your students, colleagues, or collaborators. Interactive Board


The goal is to create products that work for every setting imaginable; Newline products are designed for corporations, education, higher education, government, healthcare, and more!

The Newline Q Series

Now that we’ve given you a solid background about Newline Interactive, let’s get to what you’re interested in – the interactive display boards! Newline’s Q Series 4K LED Multi-Touch Display is a revolutionary interactive board solution for teachers and students. Newline’s Q Series board helps create an immersive experience for your students by allowing them to engage with learning materials like never before.

Designed to be the core technology solution for the office or classroom, the touch display must always be able to maintain the lightning-fast pace of the environment. The Q Series is your number one solution to create a highly customized and peak-performing digital collaboration hub.

The Q Series won’t be an eyesore in your classroom as it features a sleek, modern design featuring rounded corners and slimmer bezels with a unique magnetic slot design built into the front of the panel that allows easy access to the stylus or other tools. What’s not to love?

The best part of all, the Newline Interactive Q Series is compatible with all devices and software! Choose from 55″, 65″, 76″, or 85″ display sizes that can be mounted on the wall or via other Newline mounting stands.

What’s not to love?

Enhanced User Interface and User ExperienceInteractive Board

Newline Interactive’s Q Series Interactive Board features many new and fun themes, including the classic RS+ theme. The interactive board hosts a refreshed look with updated native application icons, user interface, and experience.

The Q Series interactive board features Palm Rejection Technology that differentiates between a stylus, fingertip, or a wrist, rejecting “unwanted” contact—ensuring that your writing, play, or interaction is smooth, desired, and uninterrupted. Updated security ensures that your information, work, presentations, and more are safe.

Enhanced Audio-Visual Experience

The Q Series is designed to provide outstanding audio-visual quality for everyone who uses it.

The Q-Series’ 4K display allows for an ultra-wide 178-degree viewing angle, ensuring that the image on the screen is robust and precise no matter where you sit in the room. The interactive board is embedded with a powerful 20W 2.0 channel speaker allowing sound and human voice to be delivered clearly and loudly to a whole room.

Looking to enhance your Q Series further? Partner your device with the 4K flexible camera, enabled with a 120-degree field of view that can be tilted upward and downward within the 15-degree angle. The 4K flexible camera is designed to work for remote learning and online classes.

Enhanced Network Connectivity

The Q Series ensures you will never have network connectivity issues, no problems disrupting your lessons, and no loading screens or lagging. Designed with a built-in secure Wi-Fi 6 module, the Q Series has a frequency range of 2 4/5th GHz. This offers greater capacity, security, efficiency, and performance, enabling an enhanced connection for a better user experience.

Interactive Board

The Q Series features an enhanced ethernet connection that supports gigabit speeds. The Q Series has a full-feature USB Type-C that supports touch, audio, video transmission, and up to 65W power delivery from the front ports. The interactive board features the new USB Type B touch port that allows access to all standard cables in the industry.

Plug and Play USB-C

The Newline Q Series Interactive Board simplifies the need to find the right cables or troubleshoot when connectivity issues occur. With the plug-and-play USB-C, the setup process becomes streamlined to one cable and instant access, supporting audio, video, power, and data.

User Profiles

A new feature to the Q Series, user profiles help eliminate the waste of time switching between devices and user profiles. Personalized profiles mean more security for your school. It’s simple, set up a profile for your teachers’ access and their apps and create another profile for a team that exclusively uses specific tools. With the ability to customize a home screen for a profile dedicated to presentations only, the possibilities are infinite.

Touch That Inspires

Interactivity truly brings collaboration to life! The ability to combine analog writing with digital tools makes sure that communication is more effective. Newline Interactive had interactivity at the core of their product development with integrated tools that make touch features a “must have” feature for daily interactions.

The Newline Q Series comes with a curated app store that features 100+ fully compatible tools for education, and the library is constantly growing.

Newline Display Management

Interactive Board

Newline Q Series Interactive Board features a remote display management solution. The ability to easily manage and deploy apps, configure Newline display settings, and use the digital signage features of broadcast messages to all displays. This allows you to centrally manage your Newline Interactive Boards in any location through a secure and dedicated web portal. Q Series Interactive Board will become the hub of your classroom.

Not only does Newline Interactive provide the simplicity of integrated solutions, but they also offer continuous training and support. Newline has extensive online training for new users or users who wish to expand their knowledge further. Even with training, sometimes issues and questions arise. No worries! Newline Interactive’s support team is only a short phone call away. Whether it’s questions about your board or technical issues that need solving, they are ready to help.

Best of all, Newline Interactive manufactures all its own products.  This means there is always stock as they keep their warehouses full of inventory, meaning very short lead times and quick shipping. And even better, Newline Interactive hears your concerns and suggestions and can make changes. It leads to constant innovation, fixed problems, and customer satisfaction.


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