How Newline Interactive Can Transform Your Classroom

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Newline Interactive Board

Newline Interactive creates tools for the future of classrooms everywhere. From interactive flat boards that keep students engaged through the lesson, to digital tools that enhance your favorite software, Newline reinvents engagement and classroom communication in time of remote and blended learning.

Who is Newline Interactive?

Newline Interactive is an award-winning manufacturer of interactive display boards, intuitive software, and other interactive technological solutions that are easy to use and increase student engagement in the classroom. If your passion is teaching, Newline Interactive gets students excited to learn.

Newline Interactive Boards

Newline Interactive is one of the leading providers of software and hardware that aims to keep students engaged and allow teachers to be inspired to create more active learning. Newline challenges itself to provide the best products, services, and solutions for the modern school. Newline Interactive always strives to give you a smooth, seamless collaborative experience.

How Newline Interactive Boards Will Transform Your Classroom

Newline Interactive is your one-stop shop for all your school’s technology needs, creating designs to be one sleek, innovative solution for classroom engagement. Newline has focused on creating products that help you teach, learn and present more effectively. From Newline’s award-winning and easy-to-use interactive touch panels to our innovative desktop solutions and wide range of software, Newline has everything you need to make in-person and remote instruction a breeze.

Newline Interactive Boards

Designed to be the core technology solution for the office or classroom, the touch display must always be able to maintain the lightning-fast pace of the environment. Newline Interactive Boards is your number one solution to create a highly customized and peak-performing digital collaboration hub.

Newline Interactive boards are manufactured to work within your world. No matter what software or hardware you want to use, Newline’s solutions give you the freedom to collaborate however you choose. Newline Interactive boards are non-proprietary, meaning no extra software, payment, or subscription is required. The best part of all, the Newline Interactive Boards are compatible with all your classroom’s devices and software!

Designed for everyone, Newline Interactive displays are made to be understood. No more confusing wires, complicated software, or startups. Newline’s boards are easy to use whether you are a teacher, student, administrator, or anyone else within the walls of a school. Newline’s boards feature plug and play USB-C, simplifying the need to find the suitable cable or troubleshoot connectivity issues. With plug and play USB-C, the setup process is streamlined to one cable.

Newline Interactive software completes the classroom ecosystem and gives teachers more ways to connect with their students and manage the technology. Wirelessly cast mobile screens to the display, broadcast content to everyone’s devices, collaborate with students in real-time, apply mass notifications and centrally manage all the displays on your network. Built for the modern classroom, these solutions allow you to connect with students no matter where they are. With Newline as every school’s EdTech hub, all your lessons will be raised to a higher level of communication and student engagement.

Newline Interactive Board

One of the best features of Newline Interactive boards is the ability to touch, explore and play. The interactivity of digital display boards truly brings collaboration to life. The ability to combine analog writing with digital tools makes communication more effective. Newline Interactive made interactivity a “must have” in their interactive boards featuring antimicrobial coating and object recognition. What more could you want?

Not only does Newline Interactive provide the simplicity of integrated solutions, but they also offer continuous training and support. Newline has extensive online training for new users or users who wish to expand their knowledge further. Even with training, sometimes issues and questions arise. No worries! Newline Interactive’s support team is only a short phone call away. Whether it questions about your board or technical issues that need solving, they are ready to help.

Best of all, Newline Interactive manufactures all its own products.  This means there is always stock as they keep their warehouses full of inventory, meaning very short lead times and quick shipping. And even better, Newline Interactive hears your concerns and suggestions and can make changes. It leads to constant innovation, fixed problems, and customer satisfaction.


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