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Sport Dry Erase

Have you found yourself needing to replace your coaching board every season, sometimes more than once? Let us introduce you to OptiMA® Inc’s OptiPrint® Dry Erase Sports Board, made here in the U.S.A. We think we have some of the best printed dry-erase surfaces out there, and after you try our coaching boards, we think you’ll agree!

No one can offer you a better quality board for a better price. We promise these boards aren’t like anything you have seen before; they are designed to fit your needs at an affordable price. We offer dry erase sport boards designed for Soccer, Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, and Baseball. Not seeing a board you need? Don’t worry; we can create a customizable board for whatever sport you need.

Were you looking for a handheld printed sports lapboard on the sideline? We got you! We have everything from wall-mounted, framed units for the locker room to roll-up printed magnets you can take on the road.

Whatever you need, we have a solution. Now let’s dive into the different Opti-Print® Sport Board options.

Dry Erase Sports Magnetic Sheet

Looking for an easy way to travel with your sports field on a dry erase surface without bringing the giant board? We have the solution for you! The Sports Dry Erase Magnetic Sheet from OptiMA® Inc is your solution.

A 30″ x 42″ super magnetic solid sheet printed with a full-size image of your selected sports team’s field, court, or rink, alongside a blown-up goal image. The colorful picture is covered with our exclusive, clear dry erase writing surface to protect it for years of trouble-free use. This magnet is designed to be ghost-resistant, meaning it wipes clean every time, allowing it to look as beautiful as the day you unboxed it.

Perfect for the locker room, these magnetic sheets will stick to any magnetic marker board or smooth steel surface. When the game is over, roll your magnet back up with the print facing out and store it in the shipping tube it arrived in.

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Framed Wall Mounted Dry Erase Sport Board

OptiMA® Inc. has some of the best wall-mounted dry erase sports boards available on the market. These boards are designed to be mounted directly onto your locker room wall, office, or meeting room. Features a vivid, full-color print of your chosen field or court, partnered with a smaller blown-up image of the goal area.

Sports Dry Erase

The wall-mounted dry erase sport boards are framed in our heavy-gauge, satin anodized aluminum, with each board featuring a full-length marker tray. The framed wall-mounted sports dry erase board is available in either magnetic or non-magnetic options; the only difference is the price. Both options feature the same exclusive OptiPrint® process, ensuring you get the best dry erase on the market.

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Mobile Dry Erase Sport Board

What’s better than a portable printed dry board that can move? OptiMA® has the best mobile sports dry erase boards on the market!

The fully reversible printed sports board features your team print on one side of the unit, the reverse featuring a magnetic receptive painted steel writing surface allowing you to take notes, doodle, draw, and more! Full size 4′ tall x 6′ wide reverse writing surface is surrounded by a heavy-duty aluminum trim, featuring a full-length marker tray and four swivel casters with locking mechanisms.

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Handheld Dry Erase Sport Board

OptiMA® Inc makes some of the best erasing, handheld sport dry erase lapboards that coaches all across America have come to love and rely on year after year. Handheld printed lapboards are an excellent tool for any coach in any sport.

Sport Dry Erase

The boards are non-magnetic, but that doesn’t stop them from being top of the line. Each printed lapboard is  11″ x17″, 1/8″ thick with bull-nosed edges and smooth rounded corners for easy and safe handling. Bonus perk, each lapboard is double-sided, one side featuring a full-size court or field, with the reverse side showing a close-up of the goal area.

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Tournament Bracket Board

Give things like college basketball tournaments and other sporting events the attention and respect are due! Tournament bracket dry erase boards track up to 64 teams, and 64 teams are a lot to keep track of, but now you can do it quickly! Next time you plan a tournament, don’t use flimsy, damageable paper. Break out your OptiMA® Inc. tournament board and impress your friends.

Whether it’s a tournament between friends, fantasy football, or March Madness, this dry erase board lets you, your friends, or customers quickly follow each game. Leave the board hanging up in your sports room, show off your love for the tournament, and let your friends know you mean business.

This 2′ x 3′ tournament bracket dry erase board has an anodized aluminum frame and a full-length marker tray. These dry erase bracket boards have a premier non-magnetic writing surface guaranteed not to ghost and a 5-year warranty. What’s not to love?

Want to customize your board? Sure thing! Call us at (866)-366-1500, and we can set up your board with a custom bracket layout. We can add your name, pictures, graphics, or whatever else you can imagine!

Tournament Whiteboards 


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