Veterinary Care Aided by Custom Dry Erase

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Veterinary Dry Erase

We’ve worked with several animal hospitals and boarding organizations to design and print custom whiteboards that support specific veterinary care needs and goals—everything from staff communication, medicine schedules, boarding, anatomy diagrams, and more.

Visual Aids in Veterinary Care

Many veterinary professionals agree that an informed client is a happy client. This statement stems from the fact that many pet parents are likely to agree with recommended services once they fully understand the value of the service being provided. Allowing your clientele to understand the procedures, medicine, and treatments that are occurring to their fur baby will enable them to feel more comfortable in their decision-making. This can easily be achieved through visual aids, such as custom veterinary dry erase boards being present within your practice.

Veterinary Dry Erase

You’ve probably heard the statistic that 65% of learners are visual. This holds some truth! Some studies have shown that visual aids can improve learning by up to 400 percent. This is because the human brain is attracted to images, allowing your mind to process visuals much faster and easier than written words. Furthermore, people tend to remember more of what they see versus what they read or hear, which means that when you explain to your furry patient’s family with visuals, they will easily understand.

The presence of veterinary custom dry erase will help you as a provider to communicate clearly with your patient’s family and may help you and your team stay on the same page. In veterinary offices, visuals are a focal point; you can find them in waiting rooms, exam rooms, hallways, lobbies, and behind the scenes.

DVMs and vet technicians use custom veterinary dry erase boards to check pets in and out, monitor the health of our furry friends, follow feeding and walking schedules, and much more. These boards can provide important information about getting vaccines, common pet illnesses, announcements, and more. Veterinary dry erase boards let you quickly locate information vital to the patient’s care and ensure they are given the best treatment.

Veterinary Dry Erase

A successful team needs clear communication, accurate measurements, and knowledge of the daily tasks, all of which can be tracked by a simple visual display such as a whiteboard. The custom dry erase board you choose depends on the needs of your practice. Whether this is a large mounted veterinary dry erase board in the exam room, a small lapboard featuring a pet’s anatomy, or a portable dry erase board featuring vital patient schedules, all types of boards are represented here.

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