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Healthcare board

Hospitals have trusted OptiMA® Inc for over 35 years for many reasons! Our fully customizable healthcare boards are durable and chemical resistant as well as featuring bright, eye catching designs.

Why Dry Erase Boards?

Dry erase boards are a familiar sight in hospitals and healthcare facilities no matter where you go, but why? Several studies have proven that whiteboards in healthcare settings provide many benefits to both patients and staff.

  • 80% of nurses and healthcare staff have agreed that whiteboards are essential in improving patient care, teamwork, and communication.
  • 50% reduction in errors regarding patient care.
  • 5% increase in overall institutional satisfaction and Press Ganey scores.
  • Studies have shown a 6-7% increase in HCAHPS scores with visual communication tools.

Why OptiMA®  Healthcare Boards?

OptiMA® Inc. whiteboards are built for longevity in a healthcare setting. At OptiMA Inc, all hospital dry erase boards feature exceptional erasability and durable quality and will last when cared for properly. Our whiteboards are rated for a minimum of 20,000 wipedowns and feature unmatched erasability and scratch resistance.

Made with our Prism-Lock™ technology, our Prism-Lock™ whiteboards are a hospital favorite featuring ink transferred directly onto metal. The Prism-Lock™ boards go further in durability with a custom build that can withstand harsh chemicals commonly used in hospitals, such as ammonia and bleach.

All OptiMA® Inc. signature boards are built with durable wood substrates and wrapped with sleek anodized aluminum trim (an antimicrobial metal, for those who don’t know). I mean, who doesn’t love that?

The Different OptiMA® Healthcare Boards

We know that healthcare comprises a broad range of specialties, units, and more, meaning not every board can be the same. That’s why we have gone beyond and beyond to pre-design 13 different healthcare boards that might fit your hospital or healthcare facility’s needs.

Don’t see exactly what you need? Don’t have a design on hand? Our boards are meant to serve as ideas for you. Don’t worry; you can work directly with our design team to realize your perfect custom healthcare board.

Maternity Healthcare Board

Keep track of patient care with our custom-printed maternity boards.

Whether you need to track labor progress, neonatal nursery status, mother-baby assignments, or more, we have a maternity board for your needs! Magnetic? Chemical Resistant? Tray? Multiple sizes to order from? We got you!

Maternity Board

Scheduling Board

Improve the flow of hospital scheduling and staff coordination with our custom-printed hospital scheduling dry erase boards.

healthcare board

See who’s on shift quickly and easily in key locations without second-guessing. Whether you need to schedule doctors, nurses, lab technicians, or surgeons, we have hospital scheduling boards for your needs.

Scheduling Board

Staff Communication Board

Create an open communication network that allows staff to communicate freely with coworkers and create an efficient workflow.

Make sure all your staff are on the same page with our staff communication board. Inform your team of concerns, missing equipment, staff changes, and announcements ahead of their shift, ensuring an informed and content staff network.

Staff Communication

Rheumatology Board

Give your patients comfort with our rheumatology patient board.

healthcare board

From the patent’s preferred name, pronouns, areas of concern, allergies and test results, and treatment plan. Everything you need to know is an arm’s length away.

Rheumatology Board

Administrative Tracking Board

Improve the flow of goalkeeping and metric tracking with our custom printed healthcare admin tracking dry erase boards.

healthcare board

Do you need to track complaints, HCAHPS scores, financial targets, or other administrative data? Our custom-printed admin tracking boards can help. Whether you need to track goals for the month, the quarter, or the year, we have the board for you!

Administrative Scheduling

Anesthesia Scheduling Board

Give your anesthesiologist one location for all of their scheduling needs.

healthcare board

Our Anesthesiologist scheduling board is designed to ensure they know everything, from patient information, surgery time, nurse, surgeon, and more.

Anesthesiology Scheduling

Emergency Room Triage Board

Help ease the strenuous environment of the ER with one of our custom dry erase boards.

Manage incoming patients through check-in times, condition, status, and priority action. Easily display patient triage from incoming to departure, complaints, staff assigned, and more. See how your team meets its goals quickly with a custom-designed board in multiple sizes. Never be overwhelmed again.

Emergency Room Board

Pharmaceutical Tracking Board

Easily track your pharmaceutical performances with our top-of-the-line pharmaceutical dry erase board.

healthcare board

Display your team’s goal, monthly progress, and previous history. Stay informed about staff concerns, prescription issues, and scheduling changes.

Pharmaceutical Tracking

Laboratory Tracking Board

Designed to ensure that your lab runs efficiently. This board will make labs a breeze!

healthcare board

Make your lab processing and results flow easily, ensuring patients receive their results promptly and accurately. Never miss a beat with our lab tracking board! Quickly track patient names, doctors, procedures, awaiting lab results, prescriptions, and more.

Lab Tracking

Hospital ICU Boards

Easily keep track of vital patient information with our ICU Hospital Board.

healthcare board

Keep staff on the same page with patient status, condition changes, notes, treatment schedule, on-call staff, and more. Anti-Microbial boards allow for easy cleaning, withstanding even the harshest chemical cleaners, such as bleach and ammonia.

Hospital ICU Board

Nursing Home Board

Improve communication between staff and patients to ensure the best care through visuals.

healthcare Board

Display patient conditions, fall risk, medication, and meal schedule, all on an easy-to-identify/update dry erase board.

Nursing Home Board

Patient Room Board

Keep track of patient care with our custom printed hospital patient room boards.

Healthcare Board

Whether you need to track patient medication times, meal times, staff visits, or something else, we have a patient board for your needs.

Patient Room Board

Want a Sample?

Use our contact form to request a free sample. Our sample pack includes visual examples of our printing process and explanations of board options. It even includes a printed Prism-Lock™ sample printed directly onto metal. It’s easy and quick, and we’ll have it for you in no time.

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We are a woman-owned small business whose products are made in the U.S.A. We specialize in dry erase boards, dry erase wallcoverings, portable dry erase units, high-quality custom printed whiteboards, fast shipping, and five-star customer service. Over the last three decades, we’ve worked hard to deliver industrial-quality whiteboard solutions that won’t hurt your budget.

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