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Music Dry Erase

MyWhiteBoards offers a complete collection of magnetic music dry erase boards with music staff lines permanently embedded into the writing surface for years of trouble-free use.

OptiMA®’s Music Boards

Did you know that OptiMA® was one of the first companies to offer an economy music staff board made on a non-magnetic receptive dry erase writing surface? It was yet another OptiMA® innovation! 

Today, you have the option of an excellent dry erase writing surface without the added price of porcelain steel boards. Each unit features a top-of-the-line aluminum trim and a standard marker tray. We promise you that you’ll be amazed at the quality of the writing surface, and we don’t skimp on the quality of the board either.

Music Dry Erase

These are available in both wall-mounted and portable reversible models. OptiMA® offers music staff marker boards for all scenarios, including extra long music marker boards and combination writing boards with music staff lines on one side and a plain white magnetic receptive dry erase surface on the other side.

Rockin’ Roll Up™ Dry Erase Music Staff Magnets

OptiMA® has created a complete line of unique dry erase magnet staff magnets. These easy-to-use dry-erase magnets come in various prints, including music staff lines, piano keyboards, grand staves, and combinations of those. 

Large Rockin’ Roll Up™ Music Staff Magnet

An OptiMA® innovation allowed teachers to bring music on the go to any classroom or location with magnetic chalk or whiteboards. The Rockin’ Roll Up™ magnetic music print is a magnetic sheet printed with five sets of music staff lines covered in a clear dry erase writing surface.

music dry erase

Now you can bring a roll-up dry erase music staff whiteboard to any classroom or campus; peel the magnetic sheet off the board and roll it back up for storage. The 45.25″ tall roll is available in three widths (4′, 6′, or 8′). Each printed magnetic sheet ships with a black dry erase marker and one of our exclusive Opti-Wipe™ microfiber dry erase wiping cloths. These music staff magnets give you the flexibility you’ve been looking for at a price you can afford. 

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Rockin’ Roll Up™ Mini Music Staff Magnet

The Rockin’ Roll Up™ is the perfect option when a dedicated music staff whiteboard isn’t an option, and a larger Rockin’ Roll Up™ Music Magnets are too big to store or transport easily. The Rockin’ Roll Up™ single-staff magnet makes mobile music teaching even better! Rolled to just over ten inches tall, these music staff magnets roll out to fit on the most popular magnetic dry erase board widths.

Music Dry Erase

Available in sizes to fit 4′, 6′, and 8′ wide boards, the flexible magnet sheets are printed with a five-line set of bold black music staves and are coated with a high-quality dry erase writing surface. These Mini Rockin’ Roll Up™ are small enough to store out of the was on your dry erase board and versatile enough to give you flexibility in the classroom.

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OptiMA® Grand Staff Dry Erase Music Staff Magnet

Demonstrate to your students the principle of the musical Grand Staff or create your own with our OptiMA Grand Staff Dry Erase Magnet.

Music Dry Erase

The Grand Staff Dry Erase Magnet sheet will stick securely to any smooth steel surface while featuring a superior dry erase surface. Each Grand Staff magnet is approximately 17′ 6″ tall x 45.25″ long, making it easy to roll up and store when not in use. 

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Piano Keyboard Grand Staff Magnet

Rockin’ Roll Up™ dry erase piano keyboard and grand staff music magnet sheet is the perfect addition to your classroom. 

Music Dry Erase

This unique dry erase piano keyboard and grand staff magnet feature a full-size keyboard and our exclusive OptiPrint® dry erase writing surface that gives you a fantastic writing surface that erases cleanly every time! The magnet is 24″ tall and approximately 45.25″ wide, sticking securely to any smooth magnetic surface or porcelain steel board. 

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Framed Music Whiteboards

MyWhiteBoards offers more music staff options than anyone else! We have fully framed music staff boards made with a 50-year porcelain steel writing surface and our line of OptiPrint® non-magnetic music staff boards. 

Our music whiteboards feature a heavy-duty satin anodized aluminum trim and a full-length aluminum tray. They are made in the USA and represent the best quality money can buy when it comes to music dry erase.

Great White® Magnetic Music Staff Whiteboard

Great White® music staff boards may be some of the finest dry erase boards you will ever use! These boards are magnetic receptive music staff whiteboards featuring music lines permanently fused onto the surface.

Music Dry Erase

Fused means the lines are permanently “baked” into the writing surface during our manufacturing process. This means these lines will never scratch off or fade out like other boards that use vinyl tape staff lines. Our Great White® Boards are available in 4′ x 4′ up to 4′ x 16′ and everything in between! We feature heavy-duty aluminum trim and a full-length marker tray that matches our porcelain steel line. 

Each Great White® Board is manufactured and assembled in our factory in Shrewsbury, MA, and carries a 50-year warranty.

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Great White® Music Staff Combination Boards

The Great White® combination board allows you to have the best of both worlds. Custom built in the same tradition as our Great White® magnetic whiteboard, but adds the combination of music staff lines and classic white dry erase writing surface. We are allowing you to achieve the ultimate music versatility. 

Music Dry Erase

Now you have the room to teach lessons on a plain whiteboard while still enjoying the ability to use the music staff board when you need it. The music staff portion and the whiteboard are made with magnetic receptive porcelain steel materials with a 50-year warranty.

Select from either a full-sized 4’x8′ unit or a larger 4’x10.’ board. Both will have a porcelain steel music staff section, and you get to select which side of the unit, left or right, the music staff will go on. You can order the 4’x10′ with your choice of a 4’x4′ or a 4’x6′ music staff selection.

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OptiMA® Handheld Dry Erase Music Lap Boards

Handheld dry erase music boards or music lap boards from OptiMA® are all made and printed in the USA. We have a wide selection available of different lapboard sizes, from small lapboards of 9″x12″ to slightly larger 12″x18″.

Music Dry Erase

Whatever handheld music lapboard you select, you can rest assured that you’ve purchased one of the best dry erase surfaces on the market. These lapboards feature designs as simple as music staff lines, or combining piano keyboards and music staff lines. We want to aid students in learning how to play the guitar with our guitar fret lapboard and music line. The print is permanently protected under our exclusive crystal clear dry erase surface, and it will never rub or wipe off like other printed lapboards.

OptiMA® Music Staff Lap Board

The OptiMA® individual handheld lapboard allows you to bring music lessons to any classroom or in your home.

Music Dry Erase

These durable, double-sided music staff lapboards have become one of America’s top-selling teaching aids. The units are double-sided, with music staff on one side and plain writing on the other, available in two sizes, 9″x12″ and a larger 11″x7.” Made in America, each board shown has smooth bull-nose edges and rounded corners for added comfort and safety.

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OptiMA® Large Double-Sided Lap Board with Music Staff and Keyboard

An excellent instructional tool that teaches your students how to read music and keyboard notes simultaneously!

Music Dry Erase

They allow you to write music notes on one set of staff lines and write the corresponding letter codes on the other set of lines. Introduce an additional instructional aid by labeling the keys on the keyboard to create the perfect visual teaching aid. These lapboards are approximately 11″ tall x 17″ wide and sturdy 1/8″ thick, so they will easily fit into the piano music stand. All corners are slightly rounded, and the edges are smooth. These boards are double-sided, featuring one side with a permanent import of a keyboard and music staff line and the second side simply plain white.

OptiMA Large Lapboard!

OptiMA® Double-Sided Guitar Lap Board

You will find nothing like the dry erase student lapboard from OptiMA®. Check out our three unique guitar lapboard designs!

These lapboards are 11″ x 17″ x 1/8″ thick with rounded corners with smooth bull-nose edges. Our design elements include frets, strings, and music staff lines to help your students learn to read music while playing guitar. Our designs help enforce learning by providing a fun visual reference; with three different designs, we are sure you’ll find what you need! The OptiPrint® surface is under a clear dry erase writing surface that won’t crack, fade or peel. The reverse side of each unit has the same dry erase writing surface as our most popular plain student lapboard.

Double-Sided Guitar Lapboard

Premium Porcelain Mobile Dry Erase Music Staff Board

Once you have experienced the premium porcelain mobile dry erase music staff board, you will never want another board.

These freestanding music boards are designed with music staves fused into the dry erase surface so that music lines will never fade nor peel like cheaper painted lines. These feature a two-sided dry erase with the music staff on one side and a plain whiteboard on the other. They allow you to use the blank side for additional classrooms, free writing, and versatility. This model comes in a 4′ x 6′ or the larger 4′ x 8′ unit on an aluminum frame and features a 50-year warranty on the premium writing surface.

Portable Music Board

Don’t See What You Want?

If you have your custom printed dry erase idea already ready in mind, get started today and fill out our form! If you are worried about drawing or sketching your design, you can always describe your idea to our talented design team experts. Another option is to send us an Excel file, png, or any other file types that can help us craft a stunning design to meet your needs.

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We are a woman-owned small business whose products are made in the U.S.A. We specialize in dry erase boards, dry erase wallcoverings, portable dry erase units, high-quality custom printed whiteboards, fast shipping, and five-star customer service. Over the last three decades, we’ve worked hard to deliver industrial-quality whiteboard solutions that won’t hurt your budget.

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