Hardwood Veneer vs. Laminate Finish – What’s the Difference?

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hardwood veneer finish

When considering a wood-style finish for a dry erase board, enclosed conference cabinet, or other piece of interior furniture, choosing between hardwood veneer or laminate finish can be confusing. Read more to learn about the differences and similarities between the two finishes.

Hardwood Veneer Finish

Ever heard of veneers for teeth? Hardwood veneer finish works in a similar way, but for wood. Wood veneer finish is created by pressing and gluing thin slices of wood onto a plywood base. Each hardwood veneer surface looks different since the material is sourced from slices of real wood. Depending on the choice of veneer, wood grain patterns can vary quite dramatically. Common woods used for hardwood veneer include oak, walnut, cherry, and more.

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People choose hardwood veneer finish when they are looking to curate a rustic, natural aesthetic. Hardwood veneer looks great in any home or office environment. One of the disadvantages of hardwood veneer is that, like solid hardwood, it is prone to chipping and scratching. However, hardwood veneer surfaces can be polished and sanded to easily repair this problem.

Laminate Finish

Another great wood-style finish option is laminate. Laminate finish is a composite material created by pressing very thin pieces of paper and plastic resins and adding a decorative top layer sheet coated in plastic. Laminates are versatile and good for high-traffic areas such as kitchens because they are durable and very easy to clean and disinfect.

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Laminate finish is cost effective, available in any texture or pattern, and can even be manufactured with antibacterial properties. One downside to laminate finish, however, is that it is not sustainable like natural wood substrate.

Which One Is Best?

Choosing between laminate finish and hardwood veneer finish can be tough. OptiMA offers both laminate finish and hardwood veneer finish enclosed conference cabinets.


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laminate and hardwood finish swatches

If you are looking for a truly authentic wood finish or you are concerned about sustainability, hardwood veneer is the way to go. Hardwood veneer offers the most natural looking wood finish for a conference room or a boardroom. In the event of a scratch or a chip, the material can simply be sanded down and polished like new. Hardwood veneer is the most natural looking wood finish option. Our hardwood veneer enclosed conference cabinets are available in stunning oak, walnut, or cherry finishes. Since hardwood veneer is crafted from natural materials, it is also a sustainable option.

If budget and practicality are on your mind, consider laminate finish, such as our laminate finish conference cabinets. These conference cabinets are durable and easy to keep clean while lending a classy wood grain appearance to the surface. Laminate finish is also waterproof and well suited to damper areas. Our laminate finish conference cabinets are available in realistic and modern oak, walnut, and cherry finishes.

Other Conference Cabinet Features

Both our hardwood veneer conference cabinets and our laminate finish conference cabinets are available in either 36″ x 48″ or 48″ x 48″ closed. Both feature a dry erase center panel which is porcelain steel and magnetic receptive. The center panel is flanked by two fabric tack boards on each inside door. The conference cabinets also feature a chart clamp, marker tray, and a retractable projection screen. Doors open and close seamlessly on quiet piano hinges.

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