Why Coaching Dry Erase Boards Always Win

Cara Porcella

Cara is a whiteboard enthusiast and writer born and raised in Massachusetts. Her favorite MyWhiteboards product is the custom printed calendar, and when she's not working, she loves bass fishing, reading, and spending time with her cats.

coaching board for basketball overlaid on a basketball arena background

Behind every successful basketball team, there’s an enthusiastic coach armed with a coaching dry erase board who orchestrates plays, analyzes opponents’ weaknesses, and inspires their players to greatness. But the impact of coaching whiteboards extends far beyond the basketball court. In workplaces and organizations, these tools serve as catalysts for enhanced teamwork and collaboration, fostering a culture of success akin to the spirit of March Madness.

Basketball and Dry Erase Boards: A Winning Combination

Basketball and whiteboards are a natural pairing, so basketball whiteboards are a match made in heaven! Although many other major sports leagues have shifted to the use of iPads for coaching, coaches in the realm of basketball remain staunch fans of the humble whiteboard. The NCAA doesn’t permit electronic devices on the sidelines, but the NBA does in certain circumstances. Still, coaches like Notre Dame’s Rod Balanis prefer whiteboards because “It’s just part of the culture you grew up with…. You have your dry erase board and certain things that you do with it.”

Dry Erase Basketball Boards

Coaching boards aren’t just used for mapping out plays on the court or the field. They can also be used to inspire players. Studies have shown that writing down your goals in a visible place increases your chances of achieving those goals by 1.2 to 1.4 times more. Coaches and athletes frequently write down messages on locker room boards to inspire a winning mindset and prevent setbacks from taking a huge mental toll.

In the world of competitive athletics, whiteboards can also be used as an outlet for disappointment! In 2016, Arkansas-Little Rock Trojans coach Chris Beard broke his right hand while punching a whiteboard out of frustration. More recently, in March 2023, someone on the Purdue Boilermakers’ basketball team punched a hole through a locker room whiteboard after a stunning upset loss to the Fairleigh Dickinson Knights.

We do not recommend punching holes through any of our dry erase products, as doing so can result in serious injury. (On the other hand, if you know or work with any habitual whiteboard-punchers, we recommend investing in our unbreakable porcelain steel dry erase boards such as the ones from our Great White or Rite Plus line!)

Get Into the Spirit!

Even if you’re not a pro basketball player, you too can reap the benefits of our sports dry erase boards. Whether March Madness or hockey is your thing, our tournament bracket dryTournament Bracket Dry Erase Boards erase products can help foster friendly competition at work or with friends. Track up to 64 teams with our 2′ x 3′ dry erase board or our roll up tournament bracket magnet. When your season of choice is over, you can continue to use these boards year round for party games, challenges with friends, or even use them to rank movies, shows, and albums!

If you are looking for a blank dry erase board, we also have plenty of those. Who says you need to be an NCAA basketball coach to write inspiring messages out on a whiteboard for your colleagues? The power of positive words and affirmations has to start somewhere. To see all of our coaching and sports themed graphic boards, click here. Best of luck, and may your team always win!