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whiteboards for kids

The ease and convenience of a whiteboard make all the difference when children are learning and playing. Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, a whiteboard for kids may be the key to a smooth homework experience or teaching a memorable, interactive lesson. Whiteboards for kids also offer an artistic outlet or a platform for self-directed play. Children can practice their reading and writing skills without wasting paper. Use magnetic receptive whiteboards to display and rearrange magnetic letters and numbers or even magnetic toys.

Keep reading as we share our favorite types of whiteboards that make play fun and easy.

1. Lapboard Whiteboards for Kids

When you think of a whiteboard for kids, you probably picture a small, wooden board coated in a white writing surface. These dry erase lapboards are lightweight, convenient, and small enough to fit in a backpack. The blank surface allows your child the freedom to write or draw whatever they want in whatever color they want.

A quality lapboard is made out of durable wood and has a surface that doesn’t ghost. Look for a lapboard that can withstand writing and erasing over and over, especially in a classroom setting. Due to the wooden substrate of these boards, you need to avoid wet erase markers. To maintain the longevity of your lapboards, instruct your children on how to clean the surface with a soft microfiber cloth.

Some lapboards are magnetic receptive, which introduces a whole new set of functionality. This type of lapboard allows your child to be interactive. They might move numbered magnets into the correct order or spell their name with magnetized letters. These types of visual aids stimulate the brain. Our short-term memory processes words and can only retain about seven bits of information, while images are directly processed by our long-term memory. With a magnetic dry erase sheet, you can draw and cut out your own magnets.

Whiteboard for Kids Magnetic Lapboard

2. Dry Erase Tables

While lapboard whiteboards for kids are designed for individual use, dry erase tables allow collaboration. Sit your children at a whiteboard table and watch them draw with each other or solve math problems together. Leave written messages for your children or encourage roleplay with pots and pans they drew on the table. Play can be a new imaginative setting every day with the ability to cleanly wipe away everything you drew. Collaborative desks encourage students to share and demonstrate ideas with ease, which explains their recent popularity in the classroom.

If a whiteboard table doesn’t match the aesthetic of your home or classroom, you can make your own. Use our Self-Adhesive Opti-Rite® material to turn any smooth surface into a whiteboard for kids. The Opti-Rite® material has a heavy duty, semi-permanent adhesive that can be used both indoors and outdoors. We also offer magnetic receptive material to turn any table into a magnetic playground.

Whiteboards for Kids Dry Erase Table

3. Whiteboard Wall in Bedroom

Were you reprimanded as a child for drawing on the walls of your home? Imagine handing a dry erase marker to a child and asking them to draw anything they want on the wall.

Turn a wall of your child’s bedroom into a whiteboard and encourage their creativity. The whiteboard surface allows you the freedom to draw a rocket for your child to pretend to pilot into space or you can write a reminder to bring their soccer uniform to school.

Whiteboard walls allow children to stimulate their senses, mainly touch. This stimulation may be especially beneficial to children with ADHD, ADD, and ASD. Instead of drawing while sitting, your child will create art standing, which increases oxygen flow to the brain, blood flow, and core strength.

There are a few options for how to turn a wall in your child’s bedroom into a whiteboard for kids. Our Opti-Rite® Dry Erase Wallpaper allows you to create full dry erase walls from floor to ceiling, on any smooth painted wall or hard surface. We have options that require an adhesive for installation, peel-and-stick options, magnetic receptive options, and glossy or matte options.

Whiteboards for Kids Whiteboard Wallpaper

4. Easel Whiteboards for Kids

Develop a young Picasso in your child with a whiteboard for kids in the form of an easel. Art allows children to express themselves, especially when they don’t have the words yet. A whiteboard easel gives your child the freedom to draw and write whenever the inspiration hits.

Chalkboard easels have grown out of style because of possible respiratory problems when children and pets ingest pieces of chalk and chalk dust. You can use a sturdy, dust-free whiteboard for kids made from quality materials over and over. Just don’t forget to use the appropriate method of cleaning the board – whether it be a soft cloth or a dry eraser.

A whiteboard designed for a child is especially useful because they are often built in a size that a small child can reach, with bright colors that stimulate the brain. Many also come with magnetic receptive whiteboards so they can play with fun, educational magnets. Using a magnetic dry erase sheet, you can create a magnet with your child’s name and ask them to practice writing and copying the letters.

Easel Whiteboard for Kids

5. Custom Printed Lapboard Whiteboards for Kids

We mentioned lapboards earlier in this blog, but did you know you can order a custom lapboard, printed with any image you choose while keeping the whiteboard functionality intact? Custom lapboards create a higher level of flexibility in your home or classroom.

Instead of wasting paper, give your classroom lapboards printed with handwriting lines to practice their lettering. Older children can use state or world maps printed on a lapboard to explore geography and social studies. A lapboard with a grid and an X-Y axis is perfect for graphing assignments. Create a nighttime checklist at home for your children to check off after they brush their teeth, take a shower, etc.

The uses of a custom lapboard are only limited by what you can imagine. Our OptiPrint® process ensures that the surfaces of your custom whiteboards for kids will not ghost, erasing cleanly every time. Your whiteboard surface holds a five-year total erase warranty. In classroom settings where you need to disinfect often, you can clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol without damaging the writing surface, ensuring it stays as beautiful as it did upon arrival.

Whiteboards for Kids Custom Lapboard Dry Erase

Key Takeaways

By choosing any of these whiteboards for kids options, you’ll find that you can use whiteboards to create flexibility and a new level of fun in your home or classroom.

Children have different learning styles and whiteboards help accommodate their preferences with hands-on, visual tools. From lapboards to walls, these reusable and durable surfaces will help develop your child’s artistic talents and make homework easier.

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